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Fencing Resources

Updated on January 10, 2018
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I am retired and a former epee fencer at CCNY Varsity and USFA. I have achieved the rank of A and have competed in National tournament.


There are many resouces on the sport of fencing. Here is a list of them I've compiled.

- Sept. 2017

Fencing Equipment Gear

There are a few stores that sells fencing equipment.

Here are a few top stores.

  • Absolute Fencing
  • Radical Fencing
  • Blue Gauntlet
  • Blade
  • Leon Paul

The Fencing Piste


Fencing is the topic of a few movies...

Fencing Competitions

ASKFRED is the site to go for fencing tournaments.


These are a series of 14 mini lectures on the sport of fencing by Jack Lee.

They are listed in the bottom of an article on the Friends of CCNY Fencing.


FIE Swordplay is an App on iPhone that allows one to play a simulated fencing bout.

  • FIE Swordplay

Youtube Videos

Some fencing youtube videos that went viral...

Fencing Clubs

There are a few excellent fencing clubs around the country. One of the top clubs in the New York area is Fencers Club. It is the oldest in America started in 1883.

University Fencing Team

The top ten Fencing teams in America Universities today based on voting by coaches.

1. Penn State – 145 voting points
2. Notre Dame – 135
3. Princeton – 122
4. Harvard – 115
5. St. John’s – 112
6. Ohio State – 108
7. Columbia – 93
8. Pennsylvania – 79
9. Stanford – 66
10. Duke – 50

How Large is the Fencing Population?

USA has some 22000 USFA members out of a population of 320 million.

Germany has 30000 fencing federation members out of a population of 84 million.

Sweden has 4000 fencing federation members out of a population of 9 million.

The median of this is 350, let us conservatively assume that 1st-world countries have 200 fencers per million inhabitant.

The total of first world population is around 1.3 billion.

We then get an estimate on the total fencing federation memberships around the world to be 200*1300 = 260,000 Fencers.

Therefore, as a fencer, you will be among the few elite population in the whole world.

007 Fencing Epee

007 Fencing Sabre


This article is a listing of resources relating to the sport of fencing. It is by no means an exhaustive list. However, it is a start and I hope to add to this over time.

© 2017 Jack Lee


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