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Fidoshin Part 2

Updated on October 27, 2011

Doing Technique without reservation

one night of many in class
one night of many in class | Source

To Fear or Not to Fear that is the question

You better know the answer to this question because in a real situation that you are required to do this you better stand there and have courage in your heart and most of all learn how to take the fall. As you can read from my previoius hubs... I was really afraid when I first started. Why do you think I wrote about Fidoshin in the first place. Since I've been training, I have little by little built my fidoshin up, to the point where I could trust sensei even though I know the pain is on its way. I have eccelerated with my training to the point where I am literally joyful with each throw. I really think I get the endorphins flowing and it helps me focus more. Ever here of "runners high?" I think that is what I'm experiencing lately when I train, only I am not running. We get to a certain point and I'm sweating and tired and he says for everyone to take a break and all of a sudden I get a second wind. Now I don't like running, but I like this.

Last night was another night where I was used as UKE and I could remember conciously relaxing myself and getting ready to punch sensei and I could see this look in his eyes when I'm up there and I could tell he is proud. I don't stop coming no matter what the problem is.

I've been under him since Janurary and I know its January because that is when I quit smoking because I knew I wouldn't be able to train will if I smoked.

My point is, my fidoshin got better and so did my ninjitsu.. Still love it and always will.


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