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Fishing At Turquoise Lake

Updated on September 15, 2009

The Most Beautiful Scenery

The one that got away
The one that got away

Fishing on Turquoise Lake

One hot summer evening we were preparing to go to Turquoise Lake as we often do for a fishing day. We load up all the rods,reels,food and everything else we will need for the day.Now if you ever have cooked out when fishing you know for some reason that food just tastes the best. So we always take potatoes,chile,bacon,eggs and fresh tortillas.We also take sandwich stuff for when the fishing gets to good to stop and cook.

Now the lake is a ways from where we live so we take off early in the morning around 2 o'clock to get there in time to set up before the fish start biting. So off to bed early so we won't be tired and grumpy.

We've been going here for years and it's one of my favorite places to fish. So we drive up and have lots of fun on the way. We play games,sing songs,tell jokes and just talk. But we are all excited to get there. You know how it is when your small and trips seem to take forever. And although I love traveling with the family I wanna fish.

So we get there and we set up a little tent. Put some sleeping bags in there, Just in case someone needs a little nap. We take down the coolers and food and cooking utensils. My mom makes a fire and starts breakfast. We get the rest of the supplies down and get ready to start fishing.

We do a little fishing and it's time for breakfast so we all go eat. Help with the clean up and back to fishing. We catch a few small ones nothing interesting. But still we caught a few. So we continue to fish until lunch. Then we have a little lunch and my sisters and I decied to go furthur on to the other side of the lake to see if we have better luck.

So here we are same thing small ones so we carefully take them off the hook and set them free. This is how most of the day goes. We did get some pretty good sized ones about supper time though. But not as big as we usually get.

So we decide to go back we know it's time for dinner and we have a ways to walk. So i decide one more cast just to see. Well as soon as it hits the water I got something. And it was big it was fighting me all the way. I even got kind of scared it was putting up a good fight. So finally I reel it in and I'm shocked. This is the biggest fish I have ever caught in my whole life. Now this is a big deal for me. So I carefully take it off the hook and throw it up on the bank so it doesn't get away. I'm so excited and so full of pride. I can't wait to show it to my mom.

Well in all the excitement I noticed my sister picking up my fish. I asked what are you doing? She replies I'm gonna wash it off it's all dirty. I start to run towards her yelling no don't put it in the water. But no it's too late. My big beautiful fish is gone. And she's laughing saying I'm sorry I didn't know it was gonna get away. I just wanted to clean it.

Well I'm sad,angry I don't know what I'm feeling. But I know I wanna hit her and I want to cry. But I don't I just say it's ok. I'm sure I'll catch another one that size some day. So we go back to our site and tell our story. I don't know if anyone believed us but it didn't matter i knew it was true and so did my sisters. When we left to go home I was quiet all the way home. I couldn't believe my sister let my big fish get away.

I always think about that fish. It was the biggest fish I've ever caught to this day. When my sister and I talk about that trip she still always laughs about it. I don't think she's laughing at me but because she feels bad and it's her way of dealing with it. Well maybe. Anyway that was my fish tale of the one that got away. Or maybe I should say the one that was put back.

If you have never been to turquoise lake you are missing out. It's beautiful there. This is a great get away from the city and a great fishing spot. You'll see people on boats too but I like fishing on the edge of the bank that's the way my grandfather taught me and I guess I'll always fish that way.


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