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Fishing - How To Fish

Updated on September 13, 2012


Are you wanting to learn how to fish so you can enjoy freshly cooked fish for dinner for yourself and your family ?

Fishing is a relaxing way to spend time out on days off from work and very rewarding when you come home with a great catch !

Fishing up here in the Kimberley is a favourite pasttime and many love going up the Keep River or on the Ord River for Barramundi fishing .

Do you enjoy trout fishing in the lake or bass fishing ?

Dad used to take us fishing a lot as kids when we lived in Christchurch New Zealand .

We all had our own fishing rods and loved catching fish off the jetty in Akaroa when we had weekends there .

Dad also took us to Birdlings Flat , a stony beach near Christchurch as well as local rivers nearby.

If you know someone who goes fishing then why not ask them if you can go along with them some some help . otherwise there are videos that are helpful will show you step by step how to fish .

Fisherman are generally friendly people only too happy to have a chat while they are sitting on the wharf or beach as long as you keep voices down so you don't scare a potential catch away .

Check out your local fishing tackle shop who will help you get started with your fishing kit as they will advise you about your local area or where you plan on going fishing .

Fishing is a great family activity to share and children can learn how to fish from a young age.

Fishing !

Give A Man A Fish Feed him For A Day

Teach A Man To Fish Feed Him For A Lifetime !
Teach A Man To Fish Feed Him For A Lifetime !

Fishing Tips

Have your fishing gear organised & ready to go anytime . You never know when a mate will call & ask you to go fishing.

Have a small first aid kit ready for emergencies.

Wear sensible shoes for fishing like joggers on the rocks & to protect your feet from hooks etc.

Also wear the right shoes like deck shoes or gumboots when going out on a boat

Always check the weather before going out in a boat .

Learn your tides in your area.

Take mozzie repellant with you .

Catch our own bait & save money .

Throw away unused fishing line so no birds or animals get caught on it.

If you'd like to know what's biting, why not keep a basic diary of what you catch and where. next year, when the month comes around, you'll know exactly where to get onto them.

Never store your rods and reels where sunlight can hit them. The sun can break down monofilament line and the lacquer on your rod.

 USe a hook-eze to tie your hooks as well as a safety device for when you are traveling.



Fresh Barra

Taste good !
Taste good !

Fishing Trips

Enjoy a fishing charter with mates !
Enjoy a fishing charter with mates !

Fishing Charters

When going on holiday there are often fishing charters going out to sea you can take advantage of .

Charter tours include all your fishing tackle , bait ,rods & reels as well as scaling , cleaning & bagging your fish ready for you to cook on the bbq or put in your freezer.

Charters will cater for one off trips , regular fisherman as well as groups.

Fishing Gear

When you first start fishing you will just want to get the basic gear & get confident with using your fishing rod before trying the more dificult fishing .

You will need a fishing rod & reel ,hooks and bait , worms can be used for fishing as bait .

A tackle box is neccesary to keep your hooks , lures and bits n pieces safe from getting lost.

As you get more confident &  experienced at fishing then you will want to learn more about the diferent types of hooks & bait neeeded to catch the diferent fish.

Fishing Books

Learn more about where to fish as well as get fishing tips from fishing magazines & fishing books
Learn more about where to fish as well as get fishing tips from fishing magazines & fishing books


Use Hook eze to put your hooks on .As well as keeping them safely kept while not fishing.
Use Hook eze to put your hooks on .As well as keeping them safely kept while not fishing.

Fishing reel

Choose a fshing reel to suit you . Do you need a left handed or right handed fishing reel ?
Choose a fshing reel to suit you . Do you need a left handed or right handed fishing reel ?

Learn about Fish

You will want to learn the basics about fish , what you fish you will catch in the river , lake fishing & ocean & what the different fish eat for maximum benefit .

Rainbow Trout can be found in fast running streams & lakes in cool clean water and eat worms / crickets etc yet Catfish will be found on the bottom of really slow warm rivers and eat crayfish so there is a lot to learn.

However start off by learning about the area you will be fishing in first rather than overloading yourself with too much information .

As you progress and plan to go fishing in other areas then you can find out what is there for catching & different tackle that is needed


How To Fish

10 Clues That You’ve Chosen The Wrong Fishing Guide


   1. He's got the open engine manual sitting on the console next to the controls.

2. He screams "Yeehaa," as he turns the boat away from the dock and pushes the throttle forward.

3. He thinks it's an asset that he can drive so fast that he gets the boat completely out of the water.

4. It takes him two hours and twenty-five minutes to reach your fishing destination on a five hour charter.

5. He can't stop laughing when he realizes that his brother the Sheriff gave you a speeding ticket on your way to his boat, and says nothing about getting the ticket cancelled.

6. He casually tells you that on days he can't get a charter he's a delivery driver for Pizza Hut.

7. He goes on for hours about how boats are safer than cars, but only because there are less vehicles directly next to one to hit. He runs aground three times during this oration.

8. He goes on for hours about his alien abduction experiences, with much detail given to the tests they supposedly performed on him.

9. The other fishing guides hold up protective religious icons as he passes by.

10. At the end of the day's catchless fishing, he begs you to allow him to use your name as a reference, because none of his other 110 charters would.


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