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Fishing On The River Bank

Updated on June 9, 2014

My husband and I were out fishing only 5 minutes away from our home. We fished at the River that was nearby, only to be outdoors plus we love fishing. We never actually ate the fish from there since it was known to be quite a dirty and mucky river, but we had heard that some people do. I supposed if one day that we had to we would eat the fish from there, as a sort of survival food maybe. Learning survival skills is another hobby of ours. But this one day we didn't catch any fish or practice any survival skills but had another little memorable adventure instead.

This one beautiful evening, the sun was going down quickly that had created a breathtaking scene. It was late spring, and we were just quietly fishing, with our lines in and both of us staring at the quick current below in a daze of relaxation. All of a sudden, I saw something in the water, and it that was coming towards us, but because it was still far away and I couldn't really make out what it was yet. I quickly pointed it out to my husband who can't usually see far away at all, but because it was coming towards out so fast, he said that he had spotted it too. Then we had noticed that there were actually two living things in the water. "Was it a beaver? Or, no maybe it was a dog?" I had thought out loud.

The river was moving extremely fast and it caused an adrenaline in me that the river itself portrayed, the "fight or flight" response. Now we could clearly see that one of the live things floating towards us was a black dog. Awe..... He looked like he was trying to save another little dog. But when it got closer we saw a little head bobbing up and down as the current tyrannically moved the head image underwater and quickly threw it back up we had noticed that It was actually a little, tiny baby deer.

As they both drew closer we noticed that the baby deer was desperately trying to get away from a black lab that looked like he was going to tear him apart at any moment. The lab was probably a hunting dog and it was obvious that he wasn't trying to save the deer at all but rather trying to retrieve him for his own selfish, viscous reasons. At one point, it looked like he had a grip on the little helpless deer, and held it in its mouth, but then we saw the fawn's head pop up again. I let out a big sigh of relief, not realizing that I was holding my breath. Finally, the deer came to where the current had brought him without any of his control. It was called an eddy (which is means the swirling of the river that creates a space where there is no current because there was a big rock there).

While they were coming closer we ran closer to them, and I grabbed a big stick with a few branches on it. I tried to pull the deer in closer until it was on the muddy shore, since the poor thing looked almost drowned. The dog came out of the water too and charged toward the deer with the intent of kill in his eyes. My motherly instinct kicked in and I yelled, "Get out of here!", "Get" and chased him away with the big stick. The dog looked like it had understood, but still had hesitated, as if he was thinking of standing up to me and taking what belongs to him. In what seemed like minutes but was only seconds, the dog left but had looked back numerous times. The poor little fawn looked half-dead, his breathing was labored. I tried to put my jacket on him but since he was wild, he had got scared and ran into the bush. The river was freezing with still ice floating on it, and I don't know if that deer lived or died. I guess we will never know. I had tried to find him for a couple of days after, but to no avail, I eventually stopped looking. I liked to think that we saved its life but we will never know for sure.

I realize that animals have these instincts that are not always pretty, but a natural part of their lives. I just really wish that I had it all on video to share with people. All in all, my hope is that the fawn has been reunited with their family.


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