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Fishing Tales - 1

Updated on January 21, 2014


The One That Got Away

I have to admit that one of the things I like doing, above all else -and this means not only in my spare time - is fishing. I started fishing as a child, together with my brother and under the guidance of my father.

I know that in the beginning it was more a question of spending time with my father and my brother - with a doze of healthy rivalry as to who could command our father's attention. But then, little by little, we started (both of us kids) to get hooked (excuse the pun) on fishing. This meant that whenever we could convince our father to take us fishing we would. It also had the effect of giving him leverage on our behavior. But it was worth it.

Perhaps the most important part of these, our first fishing years, was the whole atmosphere that this created. There were the moments when we were completely one with nature; at other times I remember just watching my father as he cast his line up river, and the way his whole countenance reflected absolute confidence and calmness. Knowing that the flies we had made him were in his fishing tackle box that held our hand made flies - (my brother and I had been patiently taught to make our own trout flies until we were allowed to make our father's salmon ones). Can you imagine the delight I felt the first time my father caught a salmon with my fly?

These were great times, and when we go out again, as we gather our gear including our new fangled tackle bags, we slip back into these memories and add new ones for the coming generation.

It made me feel good - the way only a child can feel when everything that matters in his life is just right.

As we started using a fly, the whole casting experience was important. It was putting the fly down just where we wanted and watching as the river took it exactly where we had guessed it would. The thrill of a trout rising short, that made you cast again, almost immediately and with more than a hint of impatience - and then the strike and the battle. And on top of it all the pride of catching your trout and showing it, and showing it off, to my father.

There were usually cold days, sometimes wet, sometimes misty and the sound of the river as it traveled on its way to the sea - taking with it, or so we imagined, the returning sea trout and the salmon that began their wonderful sea going adventures before returning to exactly the same place where they were spawned.

In all it was such a perfect experience that when I look back on it there is a certain magical and make believe aspect to it all.

The marvelous thing is that I now have the obligation of passing this on to my own children.

Oh, by the way the moral of the story is ...Bonding.


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    • carjwill3849 profile image

      carjwill3849 8 years ago

      Living in Australia it's always difficult to understand how to get the right fishing tackle boxes, however you have opened my eyes to a few more possibilities with this hub.. cheers mate

    • profile image

      karenjns897 8 years ago

      They say that work is something that was invented for people who cannot fish. Well, hopefully, you don't have to work a lot. I can't think of anything more peaceful than packing up some lunch, picking up my fishing tackle boxes and heading off to the river bank.

    • Debt Guru profile image

      Debt Guru 8 years ago from Salt Lake City, UT

      What a great way to build relationships with your children! I can remember getting one of my first fishing tackle boxes when I was young and then saving my money in order to fill it up with great lures etc.

    • profile image

      legionaryxiii 8 years ago

      What an inspiring story! It reminded me of the time when my dad was teaching me fishing, and I had all these little accidents that ranged from knocking over the fishing tackle boxes to actually falling head on into the river! Of course, those days are long gone, but it's hard not to feel nostalgic about them.

    • profile image

      Cha1Ja2Nel 8 years ago

      My two sons love to fish with my husband. I never thought about it, but after reading your article I will surprise them by buying them each their own fishing tackle box.

    • profile image

      joelui 8 years ago from LatinAmerica

      I am pretty ignorant in the art of fishing. Thanks to your article i know now that i would need fishing tackle boxes to aspire to be a rookie fisherman. thanks for that!

    • profile image

      Sage 8 years ago

      I just started last Summer taking my boys fishing. We will definitely be needing one of those fishing tackle boxes to keep us well organized. Thanks!

    • swissmark profile image

      swissmark 8 years ago

      Wonderful story! I was actually searching for some fishing gear for my uncle's Birthday and ended up here (I don't fish). I have visited the fishing tackle boxes resource you have posted underneath your story. An excellent resource that also a non-fisherman like me understands. Many thanks.

    • profile image

      Raddie 8 years ago

      Ah! This story does take me back to our holiday last summer on the Scottish borders. We walked to the tweed from our holiday cottage through a heavy shower, but emerged at the grassy bank of the Tweed with our 6 month old puppy just as the sun came out. In a couple of minutes we felt quite hot and sat and watched a fly fisherman. We were just enjoying the moment, not realizing the embarrassment about to hit us, as our puppy emerged from the bank only yards below us with a large open tin from his fishing tackle box in her mouth, and proceeded to run along the bank spreading lovingly made flies and bait along the bank as she ran... and in full vision of the fisherman.

    • Philuc profile image

      Philuc 8 years ago from Quito, Ecuador

      Hillbilly - you left me wondering after eliminating the bass, what? Are they reintroducing the original species?

    • Hillbilly Direct profile image

      Hillbilly Direct 8 years ago from Salmon Arm

      The last time I was fishing was with my son, last fathers day. We were fishing for bass, which was an introduced species. Since then, they have treated the lake to eliminate the bass. I still remember my son and I with our fishing tackle boxes, walking out to the end of the dock together. It was such a beautiful day and we met some really nice people also fishing.

    • profile image

      skyhiroad 8 years ago

      Good information about fishing tackle boxes. I like fishing:)

    • neilclues profile image

      neilclues 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      I used to love fishing when I was younger, mainly because I caught bigger fish then my dad lol. But I now find fishing relaxes me and takes the stress out of every day life :)

      When fishing properly it's always important to take the right equipment and fishing tackle boxes play a major part in this.

    • propertysearch profile image

      propertysearch 8 years ago from UK

      Hey I haven't been fishing since I was a child but you reminded me that I still have all my fishing tackle; rods, reels and fishing tackle box somewhere up in the attic.

      I must take a look.

    • Passport Guide profile image

      Passport Guide 8 years ago

      The story brings back memories of my childhood only it wasn't my father who got me hooked on fishing. It was my mother. A lot of friendships were born and strengthened during days and nights of fishing. I still like to keep my fishing tackle box, rods & reels and other equipment close and in order so that I can take advantage of any opportunity to throw in a line.

    • HoldemPokerTable profile image

      HoldemPokerTable 8 years ago

      Fishing is one of my favorite pastimes as is poker. My daughter bought me a really nice fishing pole and chair since I was in desperate need of an upgrade. Now all I need are some new fishing tackle boxes (since I can't keep all my lures, bobbers, and other stuff in one) and I am all set.

    • profile image

      GrinningFool 8 years ago

      Bonding is important for your kids. It is not something that is done as much as before. Fishing is one of the best ways to do that and a good tackle box makes it even better.

    • Mindfulness profile image

      Mindfulness 8 years ago

      Truly, fishing is bonding. Your hub reminds me of those days when my dad used to take me fishing -- packing up that fishing tackle box and some lunch and off we went. Thanks for reminding me of one of my happiest father-daughter childhood memories :-)