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Fishing and swimming

Updated on December 10, 2009

Swimming, fishing and reading books on positive attitude, money and researching online

If I can remember well how I came to learn swimming, I was quite a young boy in standard 3 that while just getting going with Primary education, at this I was at the age of 10.

When I was young we used to take cows to graze in an open field, we were many little boys from the same neighbored who would go grazing. During grazing time we had another activity of the day and this was swimming. Although where we were swimming was not very deep, but at our age you could easily drown. But it was fun learning how to swim and this we used to do during swimming time.

When in water one boy could stand while you hold his hand and start splashing water with your legs as if you were floating alone. We did this until that time we could at least float for a second without a support.

After practicing swimming when young gave me courage to start swimming in water bodies such as lake, in fact my main challenge came when I wanted to swim on one of the nearest lake in our village called Lake Kanyaboli. I did through the help of fishing reeds which normally float on water.

To date I do enjoy swimming be it lake which is more enjoyable than swimming pool. Swimming in deep waters make you feel great and drive a way that fears of drowning.

I do enjoy swimming but much prefer swimming in lakes than swimming pools.

When comes to fishing, I do enjoy fishing more so at home, I normally use hooks and line to get catch the fish. The kinds of fish I catch are tilapia, mad fish, and catfish. They are delicious recipe that you will always want to eat


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