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Fishing Rod Case

Updated on March 24, 2011

Every correct fisherman has got one good quality fishing rod case , if you don´t have one, then you should get one.

Fishing rod case
Fishing rod case

Choosing a fishing rod case

First do you need to put only rod in your fishing rod case or to you need to but your fishing reel also there.If you don´t need to do that then maybe you should get fishing rod tube, but maybe you don´t like it for some reason then you can choose rod/reel case, which are more expensive, but i personally use them.If you want to buy yourself fishing rod tube then choose the right size, you don´t want to buy the wrong size, if you like you can buy pink fishing rod tube or if you like you can buy black or blue etc. whatever color to you prefer, why do i not like rod tube is because they break easily compared to the rod/reel fishing rod cases, fishing rod tube are usually made from plastic and don´t offer a good quality.If you want good quality then i would recommend shimano fishing rod cases, it´s made from good quality products, it won´t break easily and it´s waterproof.If you cannot find shimano fishing rod cases, then plano is also a good company, when it comes to fishing rod cases.So don´t forget do put your fishing rod to your fishing rod case and if you don´t have one then get one, fast.

Fly fishing rod case
Fly fishing rod case

Choosing a fly fishing rod case

When you are choosing a fly fishing rod case, then before buying it you should think, why do you need it, do you need it for transportation only or will you take the case of near the river and toss it somewhere.I would recommend buying a waterproof fly fishing rod case, usually very quality fishing rod case is waterproof.If you want to carry few fly fishing rod´s then don´t buy fly fishing rod cases, only buy one compact fly fishing rod case, where you can put 2 or more fly fishing rod´s.Next time when you are going fishing don´t forget you rod case or your rod...


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