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Best Fish Lures Guaranteed To Catch More Fish

Updated on February 17, 2019
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Home and garden are my favorite havens and my goal is to help people learn the little things that I've learned.

Just as significant as selecting the right kind of fishing rods and fishing reels for different styles of fishing are the selection of the right kind of fishing lures for the kind of catch you have in mind. Pictures of huge catches may inspire you to pick up fishing as a hobby, but without a basic perception of how your instruments work, it’s not surprising if your interest wanes with the frustration of not getting any fish.

The Art of Fishing

It’s always enjoyable and relaxing to fish if you know what to do and what strategies to implement so that you can take part in a game where you know the rules very much and the strategies for winning – well, after all, fishing can also be considered as a game. One of the things you have to understand when fishing is which types of lures you have to work in attracting fish.

As you know, fishing lures come in lots of different sizes and colors. You may also notice that they have a certain smell – all these details are specially designed to lure in different kinds of fish. Different fish prey on different organisms which different lures are intended to imitate.

For example, bass fish tend to hide in aquatic vegetation and tend to be attracted with peculiar movements which can indicate prey underwater. They also tend to come up to look for food on the surface and some lures that can be used for surface and underwater are the reflective spoon lures, surface lures, and spinner baits. Using lures for fish that don’t go after the organisms they mimic beats the purpose and this will only drive the fish away.

Below is the collection of some great lures for you to make fish believe they will be dealing with their real food. Note that I sourced all of the following items from Amazon just to give you an idea on where you can get every fishing gear you need at always affordable prices. I've also only included the best-reviewed items to make you fully satisfied with your fishing trips.

Fishing Lures To Get Those Fish Busy With Your Baits

Storm WildEye Live Pike 04 Fishing Lures
Storm WildEye Live Pike 04 Fishing Lures

Storm WildEye Live Pike 04 Fishing Lures

Want to go out to fish for pike, trout or bass, these lures weigh only 0.5625 ounces each and they’ve got an I-Bolt system that keeps fish secure on the line. It also has a VMC needle point hook and treble belly hook that will surely snag any predator.

These also feature both holographic flash foil and WildEye that will surely grab the attention of your targets – and once they’re hooked, you can be sure there’s no escape. You can get these lures in many different colors and sizes depending on the catch you have in mind.

Rapala Original Floater 07 Fishing Lures
Rapala Original Floater 07 Fishing Lures

Rapala Original Floater 07 Fishing Lures

There is no other better lifelike fishing bait when it comes to these lures. Proven by avid anglers for many years in the midst of different conditions, these lures will surely put the “A” in your “catch.”

Weighing only 0.125 ounce and reflective, it will surely make fish go hungry for it. You can use them with a steady retrieve or with a stop-and-go retrieve or as a twitch bait too. Specially designed for ensnaring bass, trout and pike and other slippery fish that love the water’s surface, these great lures come in various colors and sizes for different applications.

Rapala Clackin Rap 08 Fishing Lures
Rapala Clackin Rap 08 Fishing Lures

Rapala Clackin Rap 08 Fishing Lures

These amazingly lifelike fishing lures were carefully designed for absolute deception. Bass, walleyes, and trouts won’t be able to tell the difference between these things and the real baits because these are even complete with a sounding chamber that creates convincing sounds and vibrations underwater.

Only 0.875 ounces, it allows itself to sink at just the right depth where you can get most of your targets. It has translucent bodies and holographic foils inside them that make them even more realistic to fish and equipped with a system consisting of a steel ball and metal disks that make clicking sounds.

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure
Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure

If you want to feel the adrenaline rush every time you go fishing, this Rapala Popper will really give you the explosive tug you need with bass, gars and walleyes. Packed with hard-cutting features that creates aggressive darting action under water, it naturally becomes irresistible for large fresh and saltwater fish to bite on.

Once you throw it in, it suspends for few seconds then rolls much like a wounded small fish bait and that triggers the strike. With crafted color and design this Rapala really looks like a real fish.

Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures
Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

The silvery bodies and very detailed colorings are what make these highly effective lures to steadily catch fish. Aside from their reflective surfaces that attract attention with their flashes, they also feature a couple of large treble hooks on each of them to make sure that fish don’t get away once they bite in.

At 0.375 ounce, it can run on depths of 3 to 7 feet and work with both slow and fast retrieves. They also have rattling ball bearings inside that allow them to make attention-grabbing sounds underwater plus vibrations that fish won’t be able to ignore.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Gene David Pangan


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