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Five Best Camping Desserts – Your Most Delectable Outdoor Munchies

Updated on September 16, 2010

After having a great meal, nothing can complete the experience of eating a delectable dessert. A lot of dessert options are served fresh out of the refrigerator after meals. But what if you could enjoy the same goods even outdoors? Your sweets don’t always have to come from your home’s fridge you know.

Even when you’re out on a camping trip, you can still have delicious desserts. Today’s technology allows you to carry the same great-tasting delights wherever you want. Desserts for camping have longer shelf lives and specially made to endure keeping their freshness throughout your hike and camping vacation. They also come in packs that are easier to open and eat while you’re on the trail.

Sweets can be of much help too aside from full meals. They give you more energy while you’re on the go so you can do more. During your time in the outdoors, you’ll be doing a lot of work. Aside from hiking, you’ll be cutting wood, starting a campfire, setting up a tent, and many more. For all these, you deserve to be rewarded with a few extra munchies for your indulgence.

Who says sweets are just for kids? You can still enjoy chocolates, fruit bits and ice cream while you’re enjoying the sweet offering of nature. These irresistible desserts are sure to bring you more relaxation you deserve so just imagine eating your greatest dessert while giving your body and spirit the break.

Here are the most sought after camping desserts which I think you would love to bring along especially if you are camping with your families.

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream (12-Pack)
Mountain House Freeze-Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream (12-Pack)

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream (12-Pack)

This brand of ice cream is lots of steps away from your regular ice cream. This one’s prepared using space technology, frozen to 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit and vacuum dried. It comes in a special foil pouch that prevents it from melting. This means you don’t have to worry about making a mess when you dig into it at camp or on the hike. For a mouth-watering description, each pack holds a slice of vanilla, strawberry and old-fashioned chocolate ice cream that’s sure to keep you craving for more. It’s guilt-free too because it’s a low-fat so you don’t have to worry about adding inches to your waistline while trying to shed your extra weight through hiking. This treat is great for camping with your friends and family. You can be sure the kids will love it too. Each package comes with a dozen packs for more after-meal enjoyment.

Natural High Cherry Blast
Natural High Cherry Blast

Natural High Cherry Blast

This treat is healthy as well as absolutely yummy. Recent research shows cherries do possess pain-relieving properties. Cherries are also known to contain antioxidants that combat free radicals. These free radicals are responsible in making you feel and look aged faster. This means you can fight aging while gratifying your taste buds in the outdoors. How neat is that? Each pack of Natural High Cherry Blast contains dried cherries as well as bits of cranberries and blueberries – two fruits also known to contain antioxidants. There are no preservatives and no artificial additives included for a healthier dessert.  They also come in easy to open packs so you don’t make a mess forcing them open. This treat is lightweight and is easy to store when going on hikes and camping.

Astronaut Ice Cream Neapolitan (Pack of 10)
Astronaut Ice Cream Neapolitan (Pack of 10)

Astronaut Ice Cream Neapolitan (Pack of 10)

This mouth-watering treat comes from the top online seller of space food. Each pack contains bars of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream bars. These goods were originally made for the first few Apollo missions. They are frozen to 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, vacuum dried and placed in special foil packs. This way, they don’t melt so they are just perfect to bring on during your hiking and camping trips. The special packaging also seals in the flavor so you’re sure to get great-tasting ice cream that doesn’t make a mess. This is a perfect treat to bring along for those who will be bringing children along. Since the ice cream is vacuumed, there isn’t water left in it for bacteria or molds to grow so this treat has a longer shelf life than ordinary ice cream and will last you for the whole trip.

AlpineAire Foods Strawberries, Sliced, Freeze-Dried
AlpineAire Foods Strawberries, Sliced, Freeze-Dried

AlpineAire Foods Strawberries, Sliced, Freeze-Dried

Strawberries are delicious for dessert whether served with vanilla ice cream or eaten as they are. They are also healthy in that they contain antioxidants. This pack of freeze-dried strawberries is sure to complete your camping meals as well as best serve as nutritious snacks. They’ve got a long shelf life of about three to five years so you’re sure they won’t spoil during your long trips. Inside each pack are iron oxide pellets which attack oxygen that comes in the pack to prevent rotting. Each pack also has all the flavor sealed up so the rich taste of the strawberries are maintained. This packaged treat is all-natural and has no preservatives or artificial additives in it. It is safe, lightweight, and perfect to keep on your backpack or inside your camp set.

Mint Chocolate Chip Astronaut Ice Cream (10 Packages)
Mint Chocolate Chip Astronaut Ice Cream (10 Packages)

Mint Chocolate Chip Astronaut Ice Cream (10 Packages)

Get a load of rich chocolate chips flavored with mint and smothered in delectable cream on this astronaut ice cream. This treat is just totally out-of-this-world. They come in packs of ten for added enjoyment and best to have whether after camping meals or while you are on the road. They’re mess-free too. Each pack contains freeze-dried ice cream that won’t melt. This means you can indulge your taste buds on this heavenly delight wherever you are without worrying about getting cream smudges on anywhere they shouldn’t be. Like other froze-dried good, this ice cream also has a longer shelf life compared with your average ice cream. This is sure to last for days of camping. Just a great treat to bring when you’ll be having children around. The special packaging also guarantees a rich flavor securely sealed in.


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  • PaperFreak profile image


    7 years ago from US

    Freeze Dried icecream, now that is something I would like to try. Wonder if it sticks to your tongue!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I love Mountain House Freeze-Dried Ice Cream! It tastes awesome!:P


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