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Best Camping Dining Set - Five Best Plastic Outdoor Dining Sets

Updated on October 7, 2010

Camping gear is all about durability, functionality, and lightness. Whether its about camping tools, camping flashlights, or camping stoves, I always choose those that are easy to store in my backpack. Imagine going through trails with all those. Of course, I don’t want to spend my first day at camp with a sore back as no one does. That’s why I’m going to share some useful tips for your camping convenience.

Now, among those things that you just really have to bring are camping dining sets. Yes, you have to bring some unless you want to go on cave-man-mode and have your meals on sticks or leaves. Although you can use paper plates too, having some plates you can wash and use over and over again, can help the environment a lot. The dining sets I’m going to talk about aren’t preceded by the word “camping” for no reason because these are really made for the purpose of eating outdoors.

Some common types of camping dining ware are those made from aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. Here are some things to know about them before deciding on what wares to pick.

* Aluminum Camping Wares – The catch of this is that it is lightweight, which is what we look for when it comes to camping gear. However, there’s the danger of getting aluminum traces on your food and drink once these are exposed to high temperatures – definitely a no-no.

* Plastic Camping Wares – are also very light. However, you can’t use these for heating food on your stoves. These may also be a little hard to clean after a pretty greasy meal.

* Stainless Steel Camping Wares – These may be a tad bit heavier than aluminum, but it’s a whole lot sturdier that aluminum and plastic and they’re easy to clean.

Also, here are some tips that may help you pick the right dining set for your camping trip:

* Consider the meals and the type of food you’ll be having on the trip. Will you be needing a set that’s easy to clean after eating French fries? Or a set that’s fine with reheated food?

* Choose a set that fits into the hollows of your pots and pans to save you more space.

Now here are some sets I’ve tried and loved so I want to share them with you.

Coleman Speckled Enamelware Dining Kit
Coleman Speckled Enamelware Dining Kit

Coleman Speckled Enamelware Dining Kit

I’ve used this for camping trips with three of my buddies and they were just perfect. The kit has everything you’ll need for a complete camping dinner for four: a main dish, a side dish and a cup of dessert or coffee after.  It has a nylon holder with four 10-inch dinner plates, four 6-inch bowls and four mugs. This makes sure that your pieces are well-stored. Utensils are also included. With the kit, you get four spoons, four forks and four knives. The cutlery comes in a case to prevent accidents when you unpack the kit at camp. All of the pieces amount to a total of 24 and all of them are dishwasher-tolerant. This kit is sure to last you lots of camping trips.

GSI Outdoors Cascadian 4 Person Table Set (blue)
GSI Outdoors Cascadian 4 Person Table Set (blue)

GSI Outdoors Cascadian 4 Person Table Set

Stack, pack and carry this set for four people with no trouble at all. It includes four 9.5-inch diameter plates, four 6-inch bowls and four cups good for 12oz – enough to serve a complete dinner for you and three companions. All the pieces are 100 percent recyclable so you save trees by using these instead of resorting to disposable paper plates. All of them are made from flexible and durable polypropylene so they can last for camping trips and more camping trips to come. They are also easy to clean so you spare yourself much effort after meals. You can wash them and allow them to drip until they dry. To make it easier, you can put the pieces in the mesh bag that comes with the package and hang them to dry.The set comes in 4 colors: orange, red, green and blue.

GSI Outdoors Infinity 4 person Multicolor Deluxe Tableset
GSI Outdoors Infinity 4 person Multicolor Deluxe Tableset

GSI Outdoors Infinity 4 person Multicolor Deluxe Tableset

Now this will put some zest to your around-the-table camping gatherings. Have fun with these funky colored pieces and make your camping meal times more interesting. This set is good for four people. It contains four plates, four bowls with lids, four glasses and four insulated mugs with sip lids. This kit was made with much thought for several camping scenarios. For example, if you’ll be bringing along some kids who take some time when being called to dinner, the bowl lids are there to keep dinner warm. These lids also convert the bowls into storages for leftovers. Sip lids are also included for the mugs for easy sipping especially for children. These also keep warm drinks, warmer longer. The mugs are insulated to prevent painful accidents like scalding. All the pieces are made from durable, BPA-free Infinity plastic, dishwasher-tolerant and come in an easy-to-carry mesh bag.

Coleman 12-Piece Enamelware Dining Set (Blue)
Coleman 12-Piece Enamelware Dining Set (Blue)

Coleman 12-Piece Enamelware Dining Set (Blue)

If you’re looking for a few pieces of camping dinnerware for a simple, hearty campfire meal with three of your friends, you will be delighted by this one. This set comes from a trusted name in outdoor gear and it comes in an elegant shade of blue. It contains four 10-inch diameter plates, four 6-inch diameter bowls and four mugs good enough for 10oz. This one’s good for a main course, some soup and hot coffee, tea or chocolate after – whichever you prefer. All the pieces are sturdy and dishwasher-safe so you’re sure this will last you for years. They also nest quite well on each other so they’re easy to carry and they save a lot of storage space.

Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit (black)
Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit (black)

Light My Fire Deluxe MealKit

Wanting to go on a solo trip and be a lone wolf for a while? Whether it’s for detoxification, meditation or just the fun of it, be sure not to leave without this meal kit. This kit has everything you need for dining outdoors. It includes a spice box for a more flavorful meal, a plate and a bowl for your main dish and some soup. It has a spill-free cup for safely keeping your favorite drink and for sparing such annoying accidents. There’s a sealable container too that’s water-tight so you can store your goods and leftovers. A strainer and cutting board are also included for preparing meals in case you plan to cook fresh food outdoors. All the pieces in this set are made from environment-friendly, durable polypropylene. This set is one perfect traveling meal companion and comes in black, blue, dark green, green, orange, pink, red and yellow. 


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