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Five Best Camping Magazines – Complete List about Camping and the Outdoors

Updated on October 7, 2010

Camping has become more and more popular among people in the urban areas because of several reasons. Some of these are to get in touch with the natural world, to unwind from all the stress and just to have fun. I myself like to get out of the city to take a vacation from all the vehicle smokes and the annoying noises of the machines. These things add up to the pressure of working and other things. I guess everyone wishes about getting away from everything at one time or another. Well, camping may not get you exactly out of everything, but it surely can get you away from major stressors.

Ok, so you want to go camping now? Well, before you grab your backpack and throw into it your camping gears, ask yourself this first, “How much do I know about camping?” Do I know how to set up a tent? Do I know how to start a fire? Even if you’ve been camping for several years now, you may still need few helpful tips to make your camping more enjoyable and convenient because for sure, there are still tips you can get from professional campers that may give you more convenience during your camping or can even save your life.

Doing some reading won’t hurt. Having a camping digest is the closest thing you can get to having an expert camp guide around. It’s always good to have someone – or in this case, “something” – to turn to in times of need. So when you’re caught in such situations, you’ll be thankful to have a camping magazine with you.

Magazines are usually lighter than books and easier to read. They are easy to carry and very informative materials that make it better for campers to learn more about camping and how to survive in different types of environment. Here are some very good camping magazines that can be very beneficial to you during your life in the outdoors.

Tent And Car Camper's Handbook: Advice for Families & First-timers  (Backpacker Magazine) [Kindle Edition]  By Buck Tilton
Tent And Car Camper's Handbook: Advice for Families & First-timers (Backpacker Magazine) [Kindle Edition] By Buck Tilton

Tent And Car Camper's Handbook: Advice for Families & First-timers (Backpacker Magazine) [Kindle Edition] By Buck Tilton

This magazine is sure to get you through camping and back home whether you’re a newbie or an expert. It’s got loads of advice, especially for beginners and families. Clueless on how to fill your bag and which items to pick? Never fear, the solution is here. This magazine contains several chapters devoted to particular tasks and parts of camping. It will tell you what to do in any situation. It will teach you how to choose good camping gear and how to prepare them so you get quality equipment for greater convenience. It also has suggestions on where you can go to spend a camping vacation for your family. It will teach you how to pick the best spots to set camp and where and how to pitch up a tent. This will also train you how to light a campfire, how to cook outdoors and how to maintain personal hygiene when outdoors. It also has tips for urgent situations like doing the first aid and how to deal with wild animals that campers meet along their way. This magazine also discusses the vital parts of a camp as if they were parts of a house. What more can you ask for? It even gives tips on how to clean up your campsite before heading back home. You’re never completely equipped without a magazine something like this.

Outdoor Life (1-year auto-renewal)
Outdoor Life (1-year auto-renewal)

Outdoor Life (1-year auto-renewal)

Now on the other hand, if you’ve got outdoor experience, this is something you’ll like. “Outdoor Life” is an easy and fun way to learn more about living outdoors. (Take note, the word is not merely “surviving,” but, “living.”) This magazine will tell you lots and lots of the latest information on camping-related activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, hunting and conservation. This way, you stay updated on the newest things you can do to optimize your camping experience. This is also one magazine you can trust because each topic contained in it is discussed by experts in the outdoors – and I mean really experienced people. Aside from being very useful, this magazine will also entertain you with featured award-winning adventure stories about the outdoors. With this in your backpack, you can sit back and relax during your free time while learning and planning more about your next camping activity.

Desert Sense: Camping, Hiking & biking in Hot, Dry Climates  (Backpacker Magazine) [Paperback]
Desert Sense: Camping, Hiking & biking in Hot, Dry Climates (Backpacker Magazine) [Paperback]

Desert Sense: Camping, Hiking & biking in Hot, Dry Climates (Backpacker Magazine) [Paperback]

Our next magazine focuses on one particular kind of terrain which is the “desert”. It provides the reader with in-depth understanding of survival on hot and arid places. Now, the kids may not want to go with you to camp on a desert, but the desert is one different experience you may want to explore. Animals out there are different because the environment is also totally different than the natural forest and wilderness. So if you are really keen to set up for a desert camping, better read this magazine to help you get by. Like a real-estate broker or a landlord showing you around the place for the first time, this magazine will introduce you to the desert residents. You will know who will be your friendly neighbors and who will want you out of their territories. Learn how to deal with them and get what you need. This magazine will also show you how to work your way through your camping and how to prevent and deal with problems such as busted tires, effect of extreme temperatures and dehydration. It will show you how to prepare your vehicle and gear, how to camp and how to carry and find water sources. After reading this, you’ll surely end up more knowledgeable on survival in the outdoors.

More Backcountry Cooking: Movable Feasts by the Experts  (Backpacker Magazine) [Paperback] By Dorcas Miller
More Backcountry Cooking: Movable Feasts by the Experts (Backpacker Magazine) [Paperback] By Dorcas Miller

More Backcountry Cooking: Movable Feasts by the Experts (Backpacker Magazine) [Paperback] By Dorcas Miller

Nobody wants to starve anywhere they’re going, especially when camping on the wild. That’s why I keep this handy magazine along with other camping reading materials in my backpack. Whether you want to cook or not, this magazine can help you whip out an enjoyable meal. This is especially valuable when you have friends and family members along with you. Now, this is the great news about this magazine. Aside from over 150 nutritious camping recipes it has to offer, it’s got lots of practical tips when it comes to cooking and using your camping cooking equipment. It also gives you tips on how to conserve your camping fuel. You’ll see a lot more perks inside this magazine because it’s more than just a cookbook.

Making Camp: The Complete Guide for Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Paddlers & Skiers  (Backpacker Magazine) [Paperback] By Alan Kesselheim, Dennis Coello, John Harlin and Steve Howe
Making Camp: The Complete Guide for Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Paddlers & Skiers (Backpacker Magazine) [Paperback] By Alan Kesselheim, Dennis Coello, John Harlin and Steve Howe

Making Camp: The Complete Guide for Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Paddlers & Skiers (Backpacker Magazine) [Paperback] By Alan Kesselheim, Dennis Coello, John Harlin and Steve Howe

Going hiking, kayaking or skiing? You better not leave home without this. This expertly written magazine was written with the dedication of authorities in camping in different conditions. Whether you’ll be camping somewhere in the mountains, along streams or in unforgiving snow-covered lands, this magazine will surely wow you with its superb value. It has several different chapters dealing with backpacking, paddling, biking, snow camping and many more. It tells you the must-haves during camping and hiking and what to do to stay well and safe always. You’ll be surprised at how much this magazine tackles. It discusses things you have to do in planning and preparing for your camping vacation, in building your shelter, in dealing with different weathers, in cooking and staying healthy, in dealing with unwanted accidents and many more. This surely is a camping magazine for all seasons.


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