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Five Best Camping Rechargeable Lamps and Lights

Updated on October 7, 2010

Light is very important, you’ll need it wherever you go especially in the outdoors. If you’re going on a camping trip, you’re never fully equipped without a light source. An ideal light source for camping must be durable, long-lived, user-friendly, easy-to-carry and capable of withstanding different weather conditions.

Also, good light source for camping must be tough enough to absorb impacts during accidental drops or bumps because of the rugged setting in the outdoors. Your lamp must work for long periods of time and it must not fail you in times of great need, like emergencies. It should also be easy for you to operate so you can go straight to the task at hand without being bothered much. It should be light too, because you’ll be carrying lots of camping equipment like camping tables, camping organizers, camping tents, sleeping bags and camping tools.

Also, because you never know how the winds may come your way, you’ve got to have a light source sturdy enough to provide you steadily with the light you need. What you need is a rechargeable lamp that can keep going when the going gets tough. A lamp you can trust your own life and your companions’ security. Rechargeable lamps are best to be chosen for camping because they can give off brighter light. You don’t need batteries with them or they can be converted to battery use once they ran out of stored energy and that what makes them very versatile. With only few hours to recharge at home or recharge it while driving your car to the campsite, you can have a full night light with your camping lantern that is why some people prefer rechargeable lights over battery operated light.

However, with lots of rechargeable camping lanterns out in the market today, it may be difficult for you to tell which of these can give you the best advantage so now I personally recommend these lamps to you. You can really rely on them because I myself and some of my friends have used most of them.

Coleman Retro Rechargeable Battery Powered Lantern (Family Size)
Coleman Retro Rechargeable Battery Powered Lantern (Family Size)

Coleman Retro Rechargeable Battery Powered Lantern (Family Size)

This rechargeable lantern comes from a trusted name when it comes to outdoor equipment. It has an 11-watt fluorescent U-tube bulb that illuminates intensely. To even add to the brightness, there’s also a reflector that directs the light upward and outward so you can put it on the ground and still have a well-lit area. This lantern can provide light up to nine hours per charge. For recharging, there’s a 12-volt DC adaptor stored at the base. You can charge it with through a 120-volt AC outlet before leaving for the outdoors or through a vehicle's 12-volt DC power port.

This camp lamp also has a built-in nite light that’s gives out light bright enough for you to see in your tent, yet soft enough to allow you to sleep in peace because this lantern functions really coolly

Solar Emergency Indoor & Outdoor Lantern Lamp Light (LED)
Solar Emergency Indoor & Outdoor Lantern Lamp Light (LED)

Solar Emergency Indoor & Outdoor Lantern Lamp Light (LED)

Charge anytime and anywhere with this environment-friendly camping lantern. It has a solar panel which allows you to recharge its battery by just leaving it out in the sun. This way, you can save on your electric consumption as well as batteries. This lantern features LED technology popular in camping light sources due to their durability, long lives and intense luminance. Now you know you can get powerful illumination without having to rely on energy sources you have to bring along because all you need is sunlight. By using the switch for regulating the light’s brightness, you can also save battery power so you can use the lantern for several days and for times when you really need it. This lantern is valuable for emergencies and for camping trips where you want to cut down on weight.

D.light Nova Mobile S201 Solar LED Lantern
D.light Nova Mobile S201 Solar LED Lantern

D.light Nova Mobile S201 Solar LED Lantern

Are you looking for an electrically charged camping lantern? Or are you looking for a solar-charged lantern to save on the power sources you spend for? Why choose when you can have both? The Nova S201 can be charged in two different ways: either through a top-notch solar panel with a durable 10-foot outdoor wire or through a fast-charging AC adapter. Both of these items are included in the package. This lantern can provide illumination for up to 32 hours with its high-performance LED lights. Not only that, this lantern is also able to charge most cell phone models. So you’re not just covered when it comes to lighting but you’re also covered when it comes to securing your means of communication. The Nova S201 comes in a tough housing that protects it from dust, insects and sprays of water and makes it perfect for outdoor excursions.

Designers Edge L-949 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light Model
Designers Edge L-949 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light Model

Designers Edge L-949 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light Model

This camping lantern is easy on the environment as well as your pocket. It’s powered by three AA rechargeable batteries that can be recharged through solar panel with a cord that stretches out to a length of twenty feet. This means you can bring the lantern anywhere you need it within twenty feet while leaving the solar panel out in direct sunlight. The solar panel is multi-crystal and glass-protected too so it’s safe to be left outdoors even in wet conditions. The lantern itself is powered by 10 LEDs. You can save on power by adjusting the intensity of the lighting. There’s a switch for high and low luminance. Switching the lantern to high will make use of ten LEDs and will make it last up to two hours; switching it to low will use only five LEDs and double the time that the light can last. When out on camping grounds, you can suspend the lantern by its mounting bracket from a pole or hang it on some low tree branches for more convenience.

Coleman LED Quad Lantern
Coleman LED Quad Lantern

Coleman LED Quad Lantern

Having mentioned the ultimate advantage of LEDs as lights for outdoor purposes, here now is a lantern that’s sure to give all the bright light you need. This lantern has four removable LED panels that produce a total of 190 lumens. It is powered by eight D-cell batteries. Each panel contains 6 white LEDs making a total of 24 LEDs. You can either keep them together for intense lighting or detach them from each other to serve as lights for different locations. The LED panels can light up to 26 feet and last up to 1.5 hours each after full charge. This way, you can get ample lighting for different areas, whether you want to put one in your tent or outside. This is great for those who will be going on camping trips with the whole family or with friends.


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