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Best Swiss Army Camping Knives For Worry-Free Camping

Updated on November 5, 2010

Being well-prepared is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your companions before you set out for the outdoors with your backpack. That’s why Swiss Army knives are common among the backpacks of several campers. If there was one thing to speak best of preparedness with its structure alone, it would probably have to be the Swiss Army knife. This item gets its name from its use by the Swiss Army. Created about a century ago, it has lived up to be a big name as well as a standard for versatility. It has become popular among outdoor lovers, hikers, mountain bikers, campers, boy scouts and many others.

A Swiss Army knife is basically a compact multi-purpose tool containing most essential portable items for the outdoors like knives, scissors, nail files, cork screws, can and bottle openers and many more. Swiss Army knives have evolved through time and now appear with different sets of tools for particular fields. For example, there are Swiss Army knives especially equipped for hunting, there are those especially equipped for trekking and there are those especially equipped for rescue missions. So if you haven’t got your own Swiss Army knife yet, here’s what to consider before choosing one.

* Lifestyle – Are you someone who just loves camping? If yes, than a classic model will do. It got just the right set of tools you will need most. If you’re someone who’s into trekking a lot, then go get something with a set of tools especially made with a trekker’s frame of mind.

* Brand Reputation – Now, there are “Swiss Army knives” and there are REAL Swiss Army knives. Before picking a knife, look at the brand; there are names that stand out due to their superior quality like the ones I’m going to show you later on.

To help you more, here’s a list of the top five Swiss Army knives and they are just my greatest companions whenever I go to the outdoors.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife

From the same creator of the Swiss Army knives popularized by the Swiss Army comes this classic pocket knife. You can judge by the legacy of its maker that it is indeed guaranteed to last you a lifetime. It contains the basic tools for a pocket knife: a knife, a pair of scissors, a toothpick, a nail file and a pair of tweezers. The knife is sharp and thin-edged for easy cutting. The pair of little scissors is for cutting little things like splinters and paper. The toothpick is made of flexible plastic so you can easily use it over and over again. The nail file doubles as a screwdriver with its tip which you can easily use to drive screws. The tweezers come in handy when carefully holding or picking up certain items, especially small ones. This Swiss Army knife comes with a key ring so you can keep it along with your keys and put them in your wallet. This one is sure to help you out in a hundred and one ways daily.

Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Plus Pocket Knife
Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Plus Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Plus Pocket Knife

If you’re looking for something with some extra tools for camping or related activities, this tough aluminum Swiss Army knife surely won’t disappoint you. It contains 30 tools all made of stainless steel and 60 extra individual parts. For cutting purposes, there is a large blade, a small blade, a pair of scissors, a wood saw, and a metal saw. For dealing with different screws, it’s got big and small flathead screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver and a fine screwdriver. For food-related purposes, some tools included are a corkscrew, a can opener and a bottle opener. There’s also a toothpick for after-meal hygiene. For writing, reading and measuring purposes, there’s a pressurized ball-point pen, a straight pen, a magnifying glass and a ruler. There’s also a needle and a sewing eye included to help you out with those tent holes and torn clothes. For your fishing and hunting activities, some tools included are a punch reamer, a multi-purpose hook, a fish scaler, and a hook disgorger. You can never be too prepared.

Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Lockblade Pocket Knife (Black)
Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Lockblade Pocket Knife (Black)

Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Lockblade Pocket Knife (Black)

If you’re into trekking a lot and need something for rougher use on the trail, then check out this mean trekker Swiss Army knife. This pocket knife is proudly the official field knife of the German Army. It is the only Swiss Army knife that boasts of a one-handed, serrated, locking blade you can easily use while your left hand is occupied. The serrations make it better for cutting rougher material like ropes. And if the knife can’t cut through what you intend to cut, there’s a wood saw among the tools. For screws, there is a large locking screwdriver, a small screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver. There’s also a wire stripper for repairing tasks. Other tools included are a bottle opener, a can opener, a pair of tweezers, a reamer and a toothpick. True to its line, this Swiss Army knife offers a lifetime guarantee with its superior durability. All the tools are made of stainless steel. So if you’re often trekking, don’t think twice. This Swiss Army knife is definitely for you.

Wenger 16811 Swiss Army Knife Evogrip 16 Ergonomic Design Non-Slip Handles 2.5-Inch Blade Stainless Steel
Wenger 16811 Swiss Army Knife Evogrip 16 Ergonomic Design Non-Slip Handles 2.5-Inch Blade Stainless Steel

Wenger 16811 Swiss Army Knife Evogrip 16 Ergonomic Design Non-Slip Handles 2.5-Inch Blade Stainless Steel

This is another Swiss Army knife that comes from a respected name in pocket knives. This one features a unique design with rubber points called the EvoGrip suited for the contours of the human hand so you get a better grip on it and avoid slippage due to sweaty hands. It’s got a blade and a pair of scissors for cutting purposes. The blade is thin-edged and sharp, while the scissors are spring-less, serrated and designed to sharpen themselves so they stay in top shape. There’s also a locking screwdriver included for added convenience. There’s a Phillips screwdriver, an awl and a reamer. And of course, this pocket knife also includes the regulars: a nail file, a toothpick, a pair of tweezers and a can opener. This, basically, has all the most commonly used tools outdoors and it’s rugged too so you can be sure that this one will keep you company for years and years to come.

Wenger 16967 Evolution 16 Swiss Army Knife Ergonomic Handgrip Design
Wenger 16967 Evolution 16 Swiss Army Knife Ergonomic Handgrip Design

Wenger 16967 Evolution 16 Swiss Army Knife Ergonomic Handgrip Design

Here comes another and the last, but not the least on this list. This Swiss Army knife comes in with an ergonomic handgrip design that ensures a firm, solid grip so you get your task done easier and faster. It’s got a reliable, razor-sharp blade and self-sharpening serrated scissors for better performance that can be sustained for a long period of time. It’s got a flathead screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver so you’re ready for different kinds of screws. It also has a wire stripper for electrical and mechanical repairs. There’s also a cap lifter, a reamer, a nail cleaner and an awl so you’re equipped for different tasks you may encounter in the outdoors. And of course, a Swiss Army knife is never a true Swiss Army knife without these: a nail file, a pair of tweezers, a can opener and a toothpick. Talking about pocket knives, this one is really quite a pocketful!


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  • bladeguy profile image


    7 years ago

    I love the Evogrip personally... it's a great tool to have when I don't want my sweaty hiking hands losing control of the small pocketknife I'm trying to use. It's fairly sturdy and doesn't fall apart, as I'd expect from any Swiss Army knife -- great durability there. I'm pretty impressed with it so far. Thanks for the reviews and comparisons on this hub.

  • profile image

    8 years ago

    rhw because of rwh


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