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5 Divas That Should Return to WWE

Updated on March 20, 2012

Which Diva would you rather see return to WWE?

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As the Divas Division Falters, Five Women Can Revive the Glory

It’s no secret that the WWE Divas division is as bad as it’s ever been. There are only a select few women that are even on the roster, and most of them get little or no real attention. Beth Phoenix, the current Diva's champion, is the only female wrestler that is even close to representing what a WWE Diva should be. She is also the only Diva that can even remotely stand out. Beth, however, isn’t the only Diva getting a decent amount of airtime, but she’s the only one getting the air time that makes any sense. She comes out, wrestles halfway decent matches, defends her title, and is easily recognized as the WWE’s top Diva. Others, like Aksana, Eve Torres, and Natalya, are getting a fair amount of air time as well. The problem is that the exposure they’re getting is ridiculous. Aksana hardly wrestles or even makes her way out to the ring. The extent of her exposure is her “romantic” involvement with Teddy Long, which is a storyline I’m fine with. The problem is that this angle has gone absolutely nowhere over all these weeks. We basically see the same cut scene of her and Teddy every week with no real development of what the real deal is behind their “relationship”. Needless to say, this is a stale angle that, as far as I can tell, is meant only to fill up spare time. As for Eve, her involvement in the Zack Ryder/Kane/John Cena storyline is acceptable but not impressive. She hardly wrestles anymore and seems to serve one purpose: to provide a cheesy, soap opera feel to one of WWE’s biggest current storylines. Then we have Natalya. This is perhaps the biggest travesty of them all. Over the past few weeks we have seen segments (small ones at that) that feature her and one other person talking before we suddenly hear the rip of a fart, obviously coming from Natalya. Are you kidding me? Not only does this make a Diva look like a complete joke, it shows me that the WWE cares more about silly, childish gimmicks than focusing on wrestling talent. The last time I checked this was professional wrestling, not Saturday morning cartoons. Other Divas, like Kaitlyn for example, are simply being ignored more than anything else. Then we have Divas like Kelly Kelly who are exceptionally gorgeous but have poor in-ring presence. In a nutshell, the Divas of the WWE are now more for show than for actual competition, that or they’re just not good enough to wrestle. It seems that, other than Phoenix, Tamina Snuka is the only Diva that’s getting a good push by the WWE. So with this being said, I believe there are five former Divas that must make their way back to the WWE to save this particular division. They are as follows:

The feisty James
The feisty James | Source

Mickie James

The short and spunky Mickie James was a staple of the WWE’s Divas division several years ago and for good reason. She has charisma, fan appeal, and an overall athletic ability that any good female wrestler should possess. She was always involved in good storylines and fought solid matches night in and night out. In fact, she may have had the biggest drive to succeed that any Diva has ever had before. In my opinion, she was the John Cena of the Divas division. So where is she now? She had to jump ship to TNA, a wrestling organization that obviously cares more about her abilities than the WWE. That to me is sad as the WWE is supposed to be the wisest and biggest name in professional wrestling yet they cast such women aside (as they do many male superstars as well) and focus more on silliness. Mickie James could be the sole Diva that could bring this division in WWE back to what is was before.


In my mind, Lita is one of the most enigmatic women in WWE history. She was another woman that had the heart, the athleticism, and the charisma to make watching a Divas match exciting. With her red hair and countless tattoos, she was also a unique character. She added style to the Divas division, and developed a cult-like following over her many years in the business. Lita, however, is not the youngest of women at this point in time, and it’s probably true that her greatest days are far behind her. In fact, she may not even physically be able to wrestle at all. Nonetheless, a WWE return by Lita would undoubtedly make many a longtime WWE fan happy. Just her presence on the programs would hype up the female element of the overall show.


Trish Stratus

A sure-fire future Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus is possibly the greatest Diva of all time. She is a multi-time Women’s champion and the woman that redefined what it means to be a Diva during the Attitude Era. She’s beautiful. She’s vicious when provoked. She is a one-of-a-kind female athlete that has great in-ring ability and perhaps the fans’ overall favorite Diva. Now again, just like Lita, Trish is well beyond her prime. She’s already competed in her greatest matches and really doesn’t have anything else to prove to wrestling fans. Still, bringing the “Stratusfaction” back into the WWE product would surely “Stratusfy” the WWE Universe. She doesn’t necessarily need to be a regular competitor, but her presence in the programming and amongst the newer generation of Divas would be beneficial to all parties.



Perhaps the sauciest Diva in WWE history, Melina only recently made her departure from the WWE. She, like the aforementioned ladies, is a many-time Diva’s/Women’s champion. Her flexibility and skills are exceptional, such as her “Matrix-like” evasive maneuvers and, most importantly of all, her splits ring entrance that requires precision in concentration and balance. Man would I (and many a male fan as well) love to see that tantalizing movement back in the shows week after week. Don’t forget her signature scream that shakes the very foundation of the arena. In short, Melina is another standout female character that always put the perfect element of sexiness and excitement into her matches.


Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool is the Diva that every fan loved to hate. Her cruel antics, nauseating haughtiness, and overall proverbial bitch persona made her one of the best heel Divas in recent memory. Her pairing with Layla to form the infamous “Laycool” further cemented her legacy as a genuinely mean Diva. There was no denying, however, her ability to give a solid performance in every match. Now personally, I think that McCool should return (or have returned) in the role of The Undertaker’s wife. Since the two are a real-life pair, it would make perfect sense. It would be entertaining, too. Bringing McCool back as the “Bride of the Deadman” would be a chilling new angle that would add a whole new chapter to the legacies of both McCool and The Undertaker. Even in this role she could still be somewhat of a heel, perhaps simply a stoic, zombie-like personality. It might be a little far out, but it would be different…and exciting.


In Conclusion

These five women will go down in history. They will always be on the top of the list when thinking about famous WWE Divas. With that being said, it’s probably not practical for all five of these women to return. But if it was only any one of those ladies it would be good for business. I would like to see any one of them come face to face with the only Diva that is surely returning soon, the only Diva that makes the division interesting: the beast of a woman that is Kharma.


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