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Five Things You Need to Know about Jet Ski Insurance

Updated on January 22, 2012

Jet Ski Insurance is designed to protect you, your personal watercraft and other boaters in the case of an accident.  Most states require that you carry the minimum of liability and collision coverage when owning or leasing a Jet Ski.  However, you may wish to add comprehensive, uninsured boater and medical coverage.  Jet Ski Insurance normally is not covered under your car or home insurance policy and requires a separate recreation vehicle policy.

In the event that you are at fault, your Liability Coverage protects you from bodily injury and property damage costs that are caused while operating the Jet Ski. Bodily injury coverage includes medical costs incurred as a result of the accident.  Costs can range from emergency aid, loss of income, legal defense fees and medical services.

Two women enjoying their jet ski
Two women enjoying their jet ski

Property damage liability covers the damage you caused to someone else’s property.  This is usually to another boat or personal watercraft, but it could be a ski dock or other waterfront property.

Comprehensive coverage protects you from non-collision related damage to your Jet Ski.  Typical comprehensive coverage includes theft, vandalism, fire and natural disasters. 

You may also wish to add uninsured or underinsured coverage to your policy.  This type of coverage protects you from property loss in the event that the other party is at fault and they do not carry insurance or their policy does not cover the entire loss of the accident.

Jet Ski Accident: Do You Need Medical Coverage?

Medical coverage is similar bodily injury except that it pays for medical costs regardless of which party is at fault.  After watching this Jet Ski Accident video, you should consider adding this to your policy.

Jet Ski Insurance covers your recreational watercraft vehicle from losses due to an accident.  Most states require that you carry minimum liabilities to protect third parties from damages when you operate a Jet Ski.  While types of coverage vary, you should consult with your Insurance Agent to locate a policy that suits your needs so that you are protected while enjoying your Jet Ski.


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