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Best Fuel Bottles for Cooking While Camping

Updated on June 19, 2013

Going on a camping trip is one popular way to detoxify from the toxic urban lifestyle. The idea of getting away from all the hustle and bustle of city life is very attractive because we can get in touch with the real world which is nature. However, remember that setting off and living in the outdoors for a day or two also means you’ll be taking a camping vacation from most of the technology you’ve been accustomed to so one of your concerns will be in cooking your food while camping. You will have no oven there, no electric stoves, no refrigerator and nothing that can be powered by electricity unless you solar.

Everybody knows the advantage of getting good food. You’re not just going to depend on packed food on a camping trip, right? You just can’t deny how better it is to have freshly cooked food that can settle best on your camping dinner wares. While being surrounded by the trees, mountains and getting whiffed by the freshest of air, nothing is as fitting as getting a fulfilling, nutritious, warm meal and a camping stove is a great way to take care of this.

But before you take your camping stove with you make sure that you also have with you your portable camping fuel. Or you can take a reserve camping gas bottles just to make sure you will not be running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. If you run out of gas, your stove will just be an additional weight to your pack. Camping fuel bottles are just as important as your stove, so here’s a list of top five camping fuel bottles.

MSR Fuel Bottle
MSR Fuel Bottle

MSR Fuel Bottle

This reliable fuel bottle weighs only a pound and is ideal for easy transport; you can store it in your backpack. It has an air-tight seal so your fuel stays good. When pouring the content, you can also control the flow with the elongated holes in the shaft of the bottle cap so you don’t waste it on spillages. If you’re going on a family camping or going to bring children with you, keep them safe with this fuel bottle’s child-safe cap: push it down first, then twist. You don’t have to worry about them easily opening the bottle by twisting and you also don’t have to worry about leaks as well. You can get the MSR bottle in different sizes; it comes in sizes for 11 oz, 20oz, 22 oz, 30 oz and 33 oz. For safety and convenience, this item is just right for your camping trip with your family.

Primus Fuel Bottles
Primus Fuel Bottles

Primus Fuel Bottles

Primus bottles are very light bottles fortified with aluminum and lacquered inside so your camping stove’s fuel is properly stored. Imagine that these bottles only weigh a few ounces and can store a day’s fuel good for two people. That’s a lot of weight shed off from your pack or your companion’s shoulders and you get to bring more things you really need like camping radios, camping tools, and other camping gears. Plus, their connection threads are also compatible with the most common portable camping stoves. Primus Fuel Bottles are also available in sizes for 0.35 liter (2.6 oz), 0.6 liter (4.2 oz), 1 liter (5.8 oz) and 1.5 liters (7.5 oz) so you can choose among compact and light storage bottles for larger or longer camping trips.

Trangia Fuel Bottle 1L
Trangia Fuel Bottle 1L

Trangia Fuel Bottle 1L

Planning on preparing good food on camping trips doesn’t have to mean that you’ll be carrying more weight. Enjoy munching with easier shoulders with the Trangia Fuel Bottle and get high-quality fuel protection from this high-quality fuel bottle. You can now erase your worries about losing your valuable fuel with this bottle that’s got safety valves, thick walls and a reinforcement of a metal ring at the rim so you don’t get leaks, whether from faulty caps or damages on the bottle. Despite the heavy description, this measures only 160 grams so it’s easier to bring along. It is also available in a 0.5 liter size which weighs 115 grams. Store your fuel like you would store your food. After all, your cooking depends on it.

Brunton Fuel Bottle
Brunton Fuel Bottle

Brunton Fuel Bottle

Are you looking for a fuel bottle that’s heavy on fuel security yet light on your knapsack? Then here’s the bottle for you. Get a load of the Brunton Fuel Bottle that’s pressure-tested, made of hardened aluminum and coated with epoxy known for its hardening properties. It’s got a guaranteed, leak-proof cap that has pouring holes on it so the flow is controlled. The cap is also child-safe and merely twisting won’t uncap the bottle so this is ideal if you’re going on a family outdoor camping. For you, as the cook, all you have to do is push the cap down and twist. Easy, isn’t it? You can store any kind of liquid fuel in this bottle, like alcohol and kerosene among others and it only weighs 10.1 oz. For a bottle that’s as tough as you need it, a Brunton Fuel Bottle is very reliable.

Laken Fuel Bottle
Laken Fuel Bottle

Laken Fuel Bottle

Since you need a fuel bottle that’s easy-to-carry like the rest of your camping supplies, here is one: the Laken Fuel Bottle. This cylindrical bottle is made of aluminum and is compatible with the best camping stoves so it’s easy to use. It also has a tight screw cap for preventing fuel leakage and it got a lanyard hole on the cap for attaching a funnel for easy filling. If you don’t have a funnel, the hole itself is sufficient. This bottle is for added convenience in the outdoors so you can enjoy more on your cooking. Laken Fuel Bottles are available in sizes for 0.6 liter and 1 liter to suit your camping demands whether there will be just you or two of you camping or you’ll be out with the family or several friends.


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    8 years ago

    These are handy if you use a liquid fuel stove that most amature campers do not use. Most use a propane powered stove that uses pressurized gas. If you want to use a liquid fule stove a cheap aluminum canister like a knock-off al. or stainless steel water bottle will work just the same. These canisters are too expensive and are exsactly the same as the cheap ones I mentioned. Happy trails


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