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Five Best Sleeping Bags You Deserve to Have at Night When Camping

Updated on September 1, 2010

Sleeping bags are one of the most important camping accessories when camping outdoors or sleeping on cabins. You can have the warmth and comfort sleeping in them because they can protect you from the cold wind, from the insects and most of all it’s like bringing your own bed with you away from home. Some people will not go camping without their sleeping bags because for them, sleeping in the outdoors is the most convenient thing that must be experienced when camping. Thus, it became tantamount that if there are camping tents there are also sleeping bags that accompany the tents.  

So how do you choose the right sleeping bag for you? That is fairly simple. You just think what kind of comfort you want and what would be the temperature in your campsite and you could have an immediate idea what would be the ideal sleeping bag for you. Keep in mind that for every place that you are going to camp, there are different temperature ratings so you do not want to bring a simple sleeping bag without its thermal material in a freezing campsite.

However, when camping on elevated areas, your choice of sleeping bags may take more than just considering the temperature ratings because elevated areas always have unpredictable temperature although generally the higher the elevation, the colder the climate gets. Just to be sure, you can purchase a bag that has more warmth than you think you will require so that anytime the cold draft comes you can always zip yourself inside your bag and cuddle up. That is the purpose of the zippers of the sleeping bags. If you worry your bag may get wet during the rain, bring along a waterproof sleeping mat which you can put beneath your bag. This will not only provide protection from the ground water, but as additional cushion to your bag and it can also insulate your body from the cold earth underneath you.

There are two types of sleeping bags and each type can offer you different protection and comfort. These are the following.

·        Rectangular sleeping bags. If you want a more roomy cushioned mattress that is rectangular in shape, this can be your type of bag. You can zip and unzip it to make it a comforter and a bag. This type of sleeping bag is very ideal when camping on light weathered areas, or family camping with your RVs. The sizes of these bags are the youth, adult, and the oversize.

·        Mummy sleeping bag. If you are camping on cold and drafty settings, this type of bag can provide you more warmth and protection because it is thermally efficient and fits your body contours from your feet up to your head. Because of its grip into your body, there is almost no air that can come inside the bag so your body heat is kept inside which provides you the warmth.

Now the difference between these two bags is that the rectangular bag is a little bit bulky although it can be compressed to contain or attach to your backpack. However, its adult and the oversize can be used by two or more people at the same time while its single size is more comfortable to use when the weather is fine. There are also bags of this type that are designed for cold areas. On the other hand, the mummy bag features more compactability, easy to keep anywhere inside your backpack and perfect to use on cold places or during the cold season. So it is up to you now which can be more convenient and more advantages for you. 

Here are the five best sleeping bags you can easily purchase from Amazon. They are very much affordable, very convenient to use and most of all, very efficient for their purpose.

Eureka Grasshopper Kids 30-Degree Sleeping Bag
Eureka Grasshopper Kids 30-Degree Sleeping Bag

Eureka Grasshopper Kids 30-Degree Sleeping Bag

This is a rectangular shaped sleeping bag for single person and preferably for the kids. It is lightweight with trapezoidal shape for its foot compartment. It can be used even in cold climate that can go as low as 30 degree F. It is so comfortable and warmth because it is filled with 1.7 pounds of Thermashield fiber fill which can trap air inside and create dead air space which makes the heat to retain inside the bag and keep the body warm. It measures 66 x 26 x 18 inches and weighs only 2.9 pounds. It also has an inner stash pocket for the kid’s item, a draft tube and a two-way, self-repairing zipper. This is a great choice for cabin camping and RV camping as well as during outdoor excursions on temperate areas so you can literally use it on any weather type.  The stuff sack is included when you order it from Amazon.

Suisse Sport Adult Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag
Suisse Sport Adult Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag

Suisse Sport Adult Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag

This is a mummy type extra compact sleeping bag that is designed for long treks with little pounds to carry. However, it is actually for adult trekkers and campers. It compresses into 12 x 7 x 7 inches including its stuff sack and can weigh only 2.9 pounds. When spread it measures 2.95 inches wide and 84.5 inches long. Its linings are made with 100 percent polyester ripstop and its construction is double layered that features 700 gram Micro Tekk microfiber insulation for sure warmth and comfort. It also has a draft tube, full chest baffle and a utility pocket which can keep your small gadgets and items. Because of its quality construction materials, it is ideal to use on 30-degree F temperature rating so it can be used even in summer, spring and even during camping trips during fall season. It is also great for motorcycle camping and can keep you warm even on sub 50 degree Fahrenheit.    

Guide Gear Minus 15 Degrees Sleeping Bag Green
Guide Gear Minus 15 Degrees Sleeping Bag Green

Guide Gear® Minus 15 Degrees Sleeping Bag Green

If you are looking for just warm rectangular sleeping bag that can fit big person, this is what you are looking for. Its 39 inches x 90 inches has plenty of room for two adults. Because of its size, it weighs around 7 pounds but it is filled with warm polyester fill insulation, a lining of Black cozy fleece, water-resistant rip-stop outer shell, made with quilted stitching and has smooth operating zipper. It comes with a heavy duty compression sack so you can compactly keep it in its sack and easily attach to your backpack. Even with temperature so low, you will get pretty good night sleep with this green shaded bag because it can absolutely keep you warm. So if you are searching for a large sleeping bag that you can sleep on comfortably, this could be your ideal bag. Two kids can sleep on it as well and you don’t have to worry about them getting the colds.

Columbia Bugaboo II Systems Fleece Bag
Columbia Bugaboo II Systems Fleece Bag

Columbia Bugaboo II Systems Fleece Bag

For those who do lots of camping and looking for a big and comfortable sleeping bag, this will suit you fine. Its outer layer is made with heavy duty polyester and its linings are of Micro Denier and fleece foot. It has Thermal C filler and weighs around 3 pounds so you sure have a warm bag with this one. It can be used by kids during their schools or by father and son during family day school camping. If the mummy style bag is not your type of bag, this Bugaboo sleeping bag can give you a lot of space inside. This is also an ideal sleeping bag when you have a guest at home and need an extra sleeping pad. There are only few sleeping bags that have built-in pillow with them and its good that this wonderful bag has it so you don’t have to take with you your compact pillow everytime you camp.

Lafuma Warm N Light 800G Down XL 35 Degree Sleeping Bag
Lafuma Warm N Light 800G Down XL 35 Degree Sleeping Bag

Lafuma Warm N Light 800G Down XL 35 Degree Sleeping Bag

For large persons who love the outdoors, this Lafuma XL 35 degree sleeping bag will really make your sleep a very comfortable one no matter what the weather and temperature outside. It has its built-in hood to keep your head and ears warm, an interior Velcro-pocket and a water repellent shell so you can lay it even on damp grass without worry of getting damp. It measures 7 feet by 32 inches wide and that is really big even for a tall guy. You won’t believe its incredible comfort because it is really well-built, very compact but light to carry all the way up to the mountains. It also comes with a very nice sack so you can always have an easy packing and can carry it away easily wherever you go.


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