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Football: A profile of Juventus soccer team. Not Chelsea or Arsenal

Updated on February 1, 2015

A profile of Juventus Football team

With the World cup about to begin in Brazil, I feel that most of the game's fame is accredited to the super teams. Such teams have been known to contain the most talented players and always thrill their fans. However, we tend to forget that that talent portrayed by a certain player was a nurtured either in a slum, a getto, a sub hurb or arich location, before luck came by their way. but mostly, most players come from the lowly preferred backgrounds. This is to say that one can find even better soccer players than we have in our National Football Teams. So why am I writing this? Definitely, I am trying to drive the point that even the smaller soccer teams such as juventus,deserve to be praised for making heroes........The Juventus football club is among the oldest soccer clubs in Italy. In fact, it is the third oldest Italian club. It was founded in 1897 by a group of students from Turin for sporting purposes. When the team started participating in football tournaments, its first manager was Enrico Cafari and its original team uniforms were black and pink. However, as time progressed, they changed the color of their play kits into black and white stripes. This change in team uniform was a tribute to the county of Notts. In 1923, Eduardo Agnelli attained the ownership of the club (Elyland and Islands 11). Under the ownership of Eduardo, the Juventus Football club won a series of games and trophies. The club had won twenty-nine Italian league titles, nine Italian Cups, eleven inter-confederation and confederation titles and six national super cup titles. This club has the largest fan base in Italy. Its fan base is also among the largest in the world of football. Its current manager is Antonio Conte, who was appointed in the year 2011.

Juventus Logo


Why I love Juventus

There are a number of reasons why many people love Juventus Football Club. Firstly, the club has many good and professional players. The club’s winning culture also draws many people to loving it. In many cases, the team’s match results never disappoint the expectations of its fans. This serves to boost the pride and loyalty of the fans even if they are not citizens of Italy. Even in cases where the team ends up losing the match, the fans walk home fully convinced that their team played well, only that the opponent team played better than theirs. Secondly, the team serves to unite the citizens of Italy who live in foreign countries. This is because once they migrate to foreign countries; it becomes hard for them to associate with strangers. However, it is simple for them to make friends with the people they realise to be supporters of the Juventus Football Club. The common interest of supporting this great club result to the creation of a strong bond of friendship. This is the sole factor that drives fans of Juventus’ Football Club to congregate to watch matches played by their favourite team.

Alturo Vidal is another outstanding player for Juventus. He comes from Chile was born in 1987. He is a versatile midfielder and at other times can assist in defence. He is well-known for his hard-tackling style.

The Juventus’ footballing journey has not been an easy one. It is filled with both success and failures. However, the team has been able to win twenty nine Italian league titles, nine Italian Cups, eleven inter-confederation and confederation titles and six Super Copa Italiana titles (UEFA.Com). Juventus reached the finals of Champions league in 1997 and 1998 but lost in both years. It also lost to AC Milan in the same championship in 2002-2003

The Juventus Football Club has many talented team players. All its players are good at what they do in the pitch. However, there are a number of them who are outstanding and seem to possess distinct talents, abilities and potential to help the club win matches and promote the team from one level of success to another. Carlos Tevez who joined Juventus from Manchester City Football Club is one of those players. Carlos Tevez is a striker and he has done well since joining the club. Secondly, there is Andrea Pirlo who is a midfielder. He has excellent dribbling skills. He is also known for his technique, accurate passing and ball control skills. Gianluigi Buffon is also another outstanding player. Buffon is the captain of Juventus Football Club. He has been the main goalkeeper for Juventus since 2001, and since then he has been in an excellent form. Buffon is also one of the world’s finest goalkeepers. Paul Pogba is also another young and promising Juventus player. He is from France and was born in 1993. Pogba is a midfielder, but he can also play in the defence and attack. Giorgio Chiellini who is Juventus’ deputy captain is also another excellent player. He is a good centre-back. He is left-footed and has the ability to confuse opponents with his swift moves (Bonetti).


The Juventus

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In conclusion, the Juventus Football Club remains strong, with the ability to compete and win as many matches and titles as possible. So far, they have set many historical records by winning fifty-four titles. It is still among the oldest soccer clubs in Italy. It has many fans and supporters in many countries. According to these fans, nationality does not matter. What matters is the ability of the team to play well and at least fulfil the expectations of its spectators. The team members work extremely hard, cooperate and relate well when in and off the field. This is the reason why they play well; entertain their fans and win many matches. Therefore, the Juventus Football Club has the potential of winning more games and titles in the future.



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