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Funny NCAA Bracket Names 2013

Updated on March 6, 2013

Having a funny NCAA bracket name is the first step toward dominating your pool this year. It shows that you have the expertise, knowledge, and foresight to pick the winners and rise above the other hacks in your March Madness pool and have what it takes to take home the glory (and the cash!)...

Actually, it just shows that you're a smart ass.

This list will help you accomplish the first task that faces every person who fills out an online bracket in 2013 - how to name your bracket and get a few laughs out of your co-workers, friends, and family.

I have compiled a list of funny NCAA bracket names for the 2013 season. Feel free to use any of these funny names in your pool this year and wow your friends with your wit and sarcasm. I won't tell anyone that all you did was google "Funny NCAA bracket names" and found this site (or my site from last year, Funny NCAA Bracket Names 2012)

  1. Knock Down the Trey (Trey Burke, Michigan)
  2. Trey..Two...One... (Trey Burke, Michigan)
  3. Aces Full, McDermott (Doug McDermott, Creighton - Rounders reference)
  4. Plumlee's Crack (Mason Plumlee, Duke)
  5. All Zeller, No Filler (Cody Zeller, IU)
  6. Bought My Bracket on eBay
  7. Cinderella's Left Slipper
  8. [Championship]
  9. My [] is Better than Yours
  10. One and Done
  11. I Only Pick [insert color] Jerseys
  12. Winning by Accident
  13. Remember when Gonzaga was Just a Funny Word?
  14. Wait, this isn't the NIT?
  15. The First Noel (Nerlens Noel, Kentucky)
  16. Wait...Where's Kentucky?
  17. Life Buster
  18. Money on the Smart Guy (Marcus Smart, OK State)
  19. If Gus Calls it, I Watch It (Gus Johnson)
  20. Gus Madness
  21. April Madness (What? I'm a little late this year...)
  22. 16 > 1...I feel it this year
  23. Sidewalk Chalk
  24. Pink Sidewalk Chalk
  25. Proud [Insert your school that no one has heard of and has zero chance of making the tournament] Alum...(yes, we play basketball)
  26. Boss Button
  27. My Boss Button is Worn Out...
  28. Busted Bracket Sale
  29. Dunk You Very Much
  30. Buzzer Beaters Anonymous
  31. Upset Stomach
  32. Play-in Bracket
  33. Mid Majors Always Win (in my head)
  34. This Year's Stephen Curry
  35. The Blue Jerseys Always Win..

Thanks for taking the time to check out this year's Funny NCAA Bracket Names hub. If you have any suggestions for other funny names that others can use in their pools this year, please leave them in the comments section below. Good luck in your pools and enjoy the best time of the year, March Madness!


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