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GEMS of the Game Football box review.

Updated on January 13, 2012

Retail Blaster Box Review.

I go to Wal-Mart about once a month to do a huge shopping trip. I've been collecting cards for 20 years or so, and have been reselling them for the past ten (10) years, I learned a few years back, for the most part, buying retail boxes and packs is a waste of money but on this day I was bored, and knew it would be days before any of my Hobby boxes arrived in the mail.

Sooooooo.... I went over to the card section behind the registers (where it seems to be located in every Wal-Mart) and started looking. I was amazed at how many different types of retail blasters were available. The last time I bought one, there were maybe 4 types to choose from, but now there were dozens tempting me. I spotted a Championship GEMS of the Game Football cards box. It advertised ten (10) random packs of Football cards, and loose in the box either one (1) Game-Used card; one (1) Graded card; or one (1) Autographed card as well. I purchased this figuring it would be fun to open when I got home. Having low expectations of finding much worthwhile from these boxes, I really didn't mind if I got all crap cards like I usually do. Just needed to scratch the "pack opening itch". So I open the box and pull out the loose card first which, remember is supposed to be either Graded, Game-Used or Autographed. Well what I pulled out was a 1998 Collector's Edge Peyton Manning Rookie Card! The wierd thing is it has an Autograph on it, but as far as I could tell it's a facsimile. It is numbered to 6000 on the back, and says nothing about being an Autograph. I haven't been able to find much about this card, and the only other person I found with one also doesn't know if this is a real Autograph. Before I get on to what packs were in there, be warned they seem to count facsimiles as real Autographs in these boxes.

As for the packs contained within, there was nothing great.... all lower end sets, and all Retail packs of course. Some Rookies & Stars, Upper Deck Heroes and Philadelphia packs, that sort of stuff. I pulled nothing good out of any of the packs, so besides the mystery Peyton Manning card this box was essentially good for nothing. I advise against buying these unless you are really really bored and just can't wait to open some packs. I myself prefer the Tristar Chase boxes to these. I suppose every box is different though. You never know ....maybe you'll find you're the rare lucky recipient of something great in one of these out there.


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