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Get muscles without using any weights

Updated on October 16, 2011

Can you get in shape without using any weights

People always ask if they can get into shape without going to the gym and without using any weights. The answer is simple, yes people can get into shape without using any weights or workout equipment.

The key to getting into shape without any weights is dedication. A person needs to be dedicated and stick with a workout routine. Diet is also important and so is a routine. Diet, routine and dedication are the three things that can really help a person get into great shape without stepping foot into a gym or fitness center.

With that said, lets go over the three things that can help a person get into shape without using weights.


A person needs dedication if they want to get into shape without using weights or stepping foot into a gym. Dedication is something a person must have if they want to get into great shape. There's no real secret to getting dedicated to get into shape. A person must simply DO IT. If a person is "too tired" or "too busy" to workout, then they need to stop making excuses and simply exercise. They need to develop a "JUST DO IT" attitude.

When a person says that they will exercise 4 days a week, then they need to make sure that is what they do. Not 2 days a week, not 3 days a week, but 4 days a week. They should stick with a schedule and make sure they JUST DO IT.


What a person eats is very important when it comes to getting into shape without using any weights or stepping foot into a gym. A person doesn't really need to do any hardcore dieting or try the latest fad diet, but they should just be aware of what is going into their mouths.

A person should stay away from bad sugars and junk food. A person should consume a protein throughout the day, 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight is ideal. Eating a moderate amount of good carbs is also ideal. If keeping track of how much protein and carbs is too difficult or too time consuming for somebody, then they should just eat with common sense. This means stay away from foods that are known to be unhealthy.


Having a solid routine and regime is crucial for people who want to get into shape with no weights. It is crucial whether a person uses weights or not. A persons should decide what muscles they will work out on, the exercises that they will do and what days they will do it on. They need to stick with a routine. The more they stick with a routine, the better their chances are of getting into good shape.


A person needs not only a routine but they need to now what exercises that they can do. Below is a list of exercises that can be performed with no weights at all. A person should pick three exercises from each group to do every time they workout.

Group 1


Incline push-ups

Decline push-ups

Push-ups in-between chairs

Group 2



Laying down leg curls

Seated leg extensions

Reps and Sets

A lot of people who get into shape without using weights do so by performing many reps and sets every time they workout. A person should perform at least 5 sets for every exercise they do. They should perform at least 15-20 reps for each set that they perform. This should help people see some good results.

Follow the tips

Getting into shape with no weights is not easy but a person can do it if they follow the tips discussed in this article.


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    • PositiveChristian profile image

      PositiveChristian 6 years ago from Hailsham, England

      Interesting article.

      I think these exercises would be better performed alongside some good aerobic exercises such as swimming, cycling or running.

      Beginners should start by walking and build up to more vigorous exercises. They should also be building up to the intensity that you suggest by doing small amounts of exercise and increasing it gradually.

      Anybody who is over 40 or more than 40 pounds overweight should consult a doctor before undertaking any exercise routine.

    • Catalin Stanciu profile image

      Catalin Stanciu 6 years ago from Bucharest

      interesting! thanks! up