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Getting Stronger On The Bench Press

Updated on December 22, 2014

Gaining Strength On the Bench Press

Many weight training enthusiasts want to succeed at getting stronger on the bench press. This isn't very surprising when you consider the popularity of this incredible exercise. Everybody knows what the bench press is, and you'll likely be asked how much you can bench if you look like you weight train regularly. Having thick pecs will make you look strong and help you gain more confidence. The bench press is also an enjoyable exercise to perform because you'll get a stong pumped feeling in your chest when you do it. If you're into powerlifting you'll obviously need to be as strong as possible on the bench. All of these things should leave no doubt that focusing on a bigger bench press should be one of your main priorities when you wieght train. If you do the right things you can increase bench press strength quickly.

Proper Form On The Bench Press

One of the keys to getting stronger on the bench press is to learn proper form on the exercise. When you go to the gym, you'll almost certainly see lifters using poor form when they bench. They'll do anything to get the weight up, including raising their hips high up and practically dropping the weight on themselves to get a small bounce when the bar hits the chest. By contrast, you'll see lifters who try to keep their backs perfectly flat against the bench for seemingly perfect bench press form. However, this isn't the besy way to perform the bench ress either.

The best way to bench properly requires you to pull in your shoulder blades to pop the pecs out. This will help you at getting stronger on the bench press because it will force the pecs to do more of the work as compared to the front deltoids and triceps. You should also lower the weight to your chest in a slow, controlled manner and try to explode the weight upward when it touches your pecs.

As far as the elbows go, there is a difference between powerlifting and bodybuilding style bench presses. For powerlifting purposes, it is best to keep the elbows closer to the body to engage the shoulders and triceps more. Bodybuilding bench presses will have you flaring the elbows outward to keep more of the resistance on the chest.

Increasing Strength On The Bench Press

Once you learn how to bench properly, there are some other things you can do to succeed at getting stronger on the bench press. These include making regular changes to your routine and using high intensity techniques.

To increase bench press strength you should change up your routine regularly so you avoid hitting a plateau. If you always use the same weight for the same amount of sets and reps your muscles will get used to it and stop growing in size and strength. One of the best things you can do to keep getting stronger on the bench press is to change the amount of reps you do per set. You can do this by having a high rep bench press workout, a medium rep bench workout, and a low rep bench workout. You can also do some different exercises during your bench press workout routine every now and then. Instead of doing dumbbell benches on a bench do them on a core ball every other workout. you can also switch between decline bench presses and weighted dips.

There are also some great high intensity techniques you can use to keep getting stronger on the bench press. Forced, or assisted, reps can certainly help you build bench press strength because you'll be going beyond positive failure. All you have to do is have a spotter help you for an extra rep or two during a bench press set.

One great thing you can do to increase your one rep max on the bench is to get stronger on your weakest point of a bech press rep. You can do this by setting up stoppers that force you to do only that part of a rep. This is best done for the part of a rep where you're getting the weight off of your chest or for the lock out.

If you use these techniques the right way, you'll eventually find that you're getting stronger on the bench press.

Bench Press Routines

While you should change up your bench press routine regularly to get stronger on the bench press, there are some exercises you should always keep in it. These exercises are the good old fashioned flat bench and incline benches. You should almost always start your bench press workouts with these 2 exercises. Normally you would start with the flat benches but if you have overdeveloped lower pecs you may want to start off with inclines to build the upper pecs for a more proportionate chest.

If you overtrain it will be harder for you to succeed at getting stronger on the bench press. You need to give your chest enough time to fully recover before you do another workout for it. If you train with a lot of intensity you should probably perform a bench press workout routine every 5 or 6 days.

Great Basic Bench Press Program

Bench Press
Incline Press
Dumbbell Bench or Incline Press
Flat or Incline Flys

Proper Bench Press Form


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    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      The worst lack of form on the bench press could kill you. I see so many people without their thumb around bar.