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Girls Softball is a Lot of Fun For a Lot of Girls

Updated on October 25, 2020

How do they get started in playing softball.

I have three nieces who play softball now. They range in 12 years old to 15 years old. They have been playing for years, and their mothers played softball too when they were growing up. What is the thrill of playing softball? When your team is really good then you get to go to tournaments, and this can be a lot of fun. But, it can cost big bucks especially when you have to stay out of town. I am going to interview the girls and let them tell what is so special about begin on a softball team.

Interview with a star player and future pro star for softball

Nancy: Lauren, you have been playing softball since you were very little. At what age did you start playing?

Lauren: " I started T ball when I was 3 years old, and then at 6 years old I started playing softball."

Nancy: What is it about playing softball that keeps you playing?

Lauren: "I just love to play. I am the pitcher, and I just love it. The excitement of the game, and wanting to win it's just hard to describe. Some girls just go to be doing something, but I go to play and win."

Nancy: I can really see the excitement in your eyes when you talk about playing the game. Since you love playing so much are you looking at long term, maybe professionally?

Lauren: "I want to earn a scholarship to go to college, and continue playing softball. I loved to play so much I always want to be able to play softball."

Nancy: Thank you so much Lauren for sharing your love of softball with us.

I love riding my horse more than softball.

I haven't had a chance to interview Lauren's sister Tonie, but Lauren and her mom gave me some insight into Tonie's desire to play softball. Tonie likes to play softball a lot, but more than that she loves to ride and take care of her horse Secret. Tonie also started at a young age too. She is a very good player, but the love of the game is not like her sister's. She didn't play for a couple of years, but this year she wanted to play in between times that she doesn't go to the barn to take care of Secret. She says she just can't get into playing because the love to play is just not there.

Here are two different opinions of playing girls softball. Both girls are very good at the game, but Lauren is really excelling at the game. Because she loves the game, and loves to play softball. For Tonie it is just a pasttime. Who knows she may come back and become a great player. I think though that she is going to excel at rodeo riding with her horse Secret. Maybe I will be able to interview her and some of the other girls at the barn about their love for horseback riding. But, now I must go on with softball.

Mom, how does she hold up.

Mom, Nikki, works very hard at her jobs. She is excellent at her work, her clients love her dearly, and when she tells them that she can't work for them at any time they won't hire anyone else they just wait for her to come back. So, I can see how her girls do so well at what they love to do too. Nikki, is there for her children to teach them, and help them to get the best out of whatever they do. She has run from game to game just to help them all be the best because of her presence. Her oldest child is a handsome young man who has at one time played baseball, football, and basketball all in one year. Let me tell you Nikki and her husband Mike were very, very busy parents. But, no matter how tired they were they were there for their children. I see very well adjusted kids in this family. Of course they are not perfect, and they have their problems, but they are good kids. They all work very hard at whatever they do.

The point I'm making here is that with the backing of their parents a child can be really good at what they do. The parents don't even have to be together in their lives, just be together in raising and helping their children. That is all a child wants really.

There are opportunities open to girls who love softball.

I have another niece, Taylor, who dearly loves to play softball too. She is also looking forward to a scholarship to college, and going on to play professional softball. Taylor did receive a scholarship for professional softball. She went on to college and earned a degree in coaching.

Lauren and Taylor practice together every chance they get. They love to practice because they want to be the best they can be. I have watched them play, and the intensity is every bit as much as any mans game. I love to watch them play.

Don't be too critical if you have a girl child who would love to play girls softball. It could be a very good thing for her, and help her to have a rounded attitude about herself. Just encourage her to be happy with who she is and don't let others sway her decisions to be the best she can be no matter what she would like to do.


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