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Adidas Ultra Boost ATR Mid Is About to Appear

Updated on May 4, 2017

The adidas Ultra Boost since its debut has provoked riots in the shoe-loving community around the world, and adidas does not seem to have any sign of letting the shoe cool down as it continually adds to the shoe. new design. Coming here, welcome the appearance of adidas Ultra Boost ATR mid shoes

It is hard to believe that adidas started this line of shoes with an antique Mid design, but this has attracted many adidas Ultra Boost adolescents. Manufacturers have revealed a few details about this model ATR Mid shoes as follows:

This is a great addition to the Primeknit, showing that adidas will not let this design suffer, and the high quality Primeknit technology is definitely a plus for ultra boost atr mid.

- Boost full familiar; Of course, when it was a name in the genealogy of the Ultra Boost, it was a pair of more powerful shoes, a pair of powerful boots for those who were joggers.

- Purple Blush: This is one of the coolest colors and has received a lot of love from the shoe-loving community. The purple color does not lose its vigor, but it also adds charm and mystery. This color scheme is definitely 100% fashionable when it comes to everyday outings.

Along with the adidas Ultra Boost ATR Mid, the adidas adidas has a very stylish look, and waiting to see what adidas will bring to the fans of the new colors.

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