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Glamping - Camping With Panache

Updated on September 11, 2011

Camping In The Great Outdoors

Experiencing nature.
Experiencing nature.

Camping With Style

Glamping – Camping With Panache

When I made the mistake of telling my husband that I loved camping, he looked at me incredulously and raised an eyebrow. “You mean camping in a trailer, with a bathroom, king bed, and running water? That’s the camping you’re talking about, right?” he said, in a voice dripping with sarcasm. Well… yeah, what other type of camping was he talking about? Then he told me horrific stories from his childhood of leaky tents, no electricity, sleeping on hard, cold ground, bugs, and digging holes for when nature called. Ooh! (that’s a shudder not excitement).

I assume that people like camping for the same reasons I do; the warm campfires, the sizzle that burning marshmallows make when it hits the tongue, the smell of pine needles, the glimpses of wildlife, the hearty appetite you get after hiking or kayaking all day and settling down to crisp hot dogs and soft, sweet baked beans. In my reality, the only discomforts that camping brought was a few mosquitoes, and sometimes my favorite TV channels didn’t come in. When I looked into it further, I found that many people, though they like all the other charms of camping, are discomfited with the “roughing it” aspect. I understand that many people can’t afford the hassle of owning, maintaining, and storing a recreational vehicle, so why can’t they (hotels/companies/enterprising businesses) make camping a luxury, and available to the masses?

Thinking I had a million dollar idea, I searched the internet for luxury camping, and of course, it’s already been invented. They call it “glamping” or glamorous camping. There are several places in the United States and around the world that takes tenting outdoors to a whole new level. Not only do they offer designer tents, but there are carpets, wine, personal chefs, and guides who will let you experience camping without the discomforts.

Unlike traditional camping, glamping does not come cheap. If you are familiar with the Harry Potter book series or movies, then you’ll recall the scene in which Harry and friends pitch a tent, with Harry wondering how they’ll all fit inside, only to step in and be faced by a lovely space, with bedrooms and bathroom, kitchen, and furnishings. This is a similar sight to what anyone who embarks in glamping at the following places will come across, and the prices reflect this. They don’t call it glamorous for nothing.

In western Montana, the Resort at Paws Up is an elegant ranch that has 24 luxury tents. The tents come with heated floors, a butler, electricity, jetted tubs, and much more. Don’t think it is all luxury and no nature! You will drift to sleep to the sound of the Black River, and you can spend your day geocaching, horseback riding, fly fishing, or riding down the river. There are several things for children to do as well. No worries, they’ll have s’mores there as well.

Located in Idaho, between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone Park, and close to the border of Montana, Storm Creek Outfitters is upscale camping. Meals paired with wine, wood stoves, hot water, and spa treatments, make spending the day hiking or snow shoeing a real treat. The tents are raised off the ground, and have inviting rugs and furnishings within. Storm Creek Outfitters offers both summer and winter camping fun.


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