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Glitter Tattoos Survive Dirty Girl Mud Run

Updated on November 29, 2012
before the mud fun
before the mud fun
before | Source
after | Source
after the race
after the race
the girls in deep mud stuff
the girls in deep mud stuff
getting sprayed with a fire hose
getting sprayed with a fire hose

Glitter and Mud at the Dirty Girl

Glitter and the girls

I had the privilege of helping my friends with designing their team t-shirts and giving them team glitter tattoos for the Dirty Girl Mud Run obstacle course. Glitter tattoos usually last 3-5 days under normal circumstances. These were put to the ultimate test! The girls picked out the design and I ordered them in advance. Each girl wanted their own custom colors and I applied the tattoos 1-2 days ahead of the race so they could all have them ready for the early start of the run that day. So the tattoos were already 2-3 days old when they started the race.

Glitter and the Mud Run

The girls ran, then sloshed through deep, thick, heavy mud pits (sometimes crawling in mud under nets on their bellies) and climbed over high obstacles (a slippery maneuver for sure). After the mud pits came the grass and fox tails that stuck to them as well! They finished the race covered in mud, grass, and fox tails from head to toe! One friend told me that the mud was so thick that as they progressed through the course they were getting weighted down with the goo. Toward the end of the race it felt like carrying 20 pounds of extra weight.

Glitter and the Fire Hose

After the race the organizers sprayed the teams down with a high pressure fire hose to get the thick layer of mud off (well the majority of it anyway). The glitter tattoos passed the test and surpassed the test! They looked just as good as when the girls started the race (the t-shirts not so much). No glitter was lost! I was really impressed and surprised that they (the tattoos) survived that grueling course. My friends also survived the run (one of whom also recently completed surgery and chemo for breast cancer - amazing!) and had a blast!

In the End

With the ultimate test it is confirmed that glitter tattoos are a great option for team marathons! They are waterproof and can outlast sweat, water, mud and obstacle courses. Your team can pick a design and can order enough for the number of people racing. With lots of glitter colors and designs to choose from, it is a lot of fun creating a theme for your team! After the race, the tattoos can be removed with isopropyl alcohol (and the t-shirts thrown away).


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