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Godfrey Pontoon Boats - Review

Updated on April 6, 2012

Godfrey Pontoon Boats

A pontoon boat is a versatile water craft that many people will eventually find there way to because they can be such a joy to spend time on. Godfrey pontoon boats is a very popular company that manufactures four different brands including SanPan luxury, Aqua Patio high performance, Parti Kraft entertainment boats and Sweetwater for value.

In 1958, this company introduced the first all aluminum pontoon boat and is an industry leading boat manufacturer. They continue to strive for quality in the aluminum recreational boating industry. They have built more pontoon boats than any other maker and have received many awards. Their boat creations are signs of quality and when you see one, you just want to get in and go for a boating excursion. These versatile watercraft are easy to operate and can be used for many different types of outings. You can just go boating, do some beachcombing and beach hopping, water skiing or just float out on the bay, river or lake for a party. The Nautic Global Group is the manufacturer of these pontoons boats as well as other boat and marine watercraft brands such as Rinker, Hurricane Deckboats and Polar Kraft.

Godfrey Pontoon Boat

For boaters who are looking for this type of recreational watercraft, the company utilizes an independent marine dealer network to sell and distribute their Godfrey pontoon boat brands. From their official website, you can find a dealer locator, to get the contact information of your nearest dealer. At the site, you can find out a great deal about these boats, such as how to locate a Nautic Group dealer, how to order parts and accessories, how to get an owner's manual for your boat, how to find specific Godfrey and Nautic Group boats for sale and much more. You can also learn how to get a service manual for your boat or engine, and where to find pricing information on the different pontoon boat models. From the company's website, you will also be able to learn more about these vessels from videos, DVDs and brochures that may be available for the different brands. When looking you will notice four different boat brands, SanPan luxury, Aqua Patio performance, Parti Kraft boats for fun and Sweetwater value.

These are all very nice looking and functional water craft. When you see pictures of these vessels, many will notice the detail, craftmanship and attention to detail. Accessories for these boats help to add more convenience to your boating experience and fun for the entire family or group.

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