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How To Clean Your Golf Balls - Golf Ball Washer- 5 Tips To Cleaner Golf Balls

Updated on August 4, 2013

What Is A Golf Ball Washer?

If the costly game of golf is the favorite past-time of kings, affluent, and the movers and shakers . How do they get around playing with dirty balls? I personally think finding the right club and improving your swing is a big enough job.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the golf balls after the game is over? Well they are collected and washed with golf ball washer machines, At free golf club communities you may have to wash your own golf balls by hand or smaller golf washer devices.

What Happens To Golf Balls After The Golf Game?

After the game you have the pressure of cleaning your golf balls?! What do you do? Do you wash them yourself or waste more time cleaning them at the club than playing?

Golfers are contemplating putting their golf balls in washing machines, dish washers and using nail polish remover to remove scuffs. They are going insane trying to salvage at least a few of the hundreds of balls degraded by pure enthusiastic swinging pleasure. What's a golfer to do? I guess you have to take the bitter with the sweet...or do you.

What Is A Golf Ball Washer?

A golf ball washer is a person, device or machine made to wash golf balls.

What Types Of Golf Ball Washers Are There?

  • Cloth
  • you (wd-40-marker removal and soapy Daz detergent -soak 2 days)
  • hand held
  • portable
  • electric
  • machines

Ode To The Golf Ball Washer Inventor

5 Tips To Wash Your Own Golf Balls At Home

  1. Soak your golf balls in water and a few denture whiter tables.
  2. Soak for 2 days in Daz detergent.
  3. Place in dishwasher basket if you are single.
  4. Pour white vinegar into hot water to soak golf balls for a few hours. Remove any left stains with vinegar and rag. Rinse well.
  5. Have someone else do it for you.

Washing your own golf balls at home will save you a lot of time to play on the golf course. Why spend precious time cleaning your golf balls with golf range service and waste precious golf time?

Keep the joy into playing the game and out of cleaning your golf balls. Have a plan and enjoy shiney white golf balls again. After all they are what give's you the edge...White shiney golf balls. The next best thing to opening up a new box!

Invest in your own golf ball washer and maybe give your kid or neighbors kid a part-time job as a Golf Ball Washer.


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