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Golf Cart, what Accessories would you Add?

Updated on February 13, 2010

Walking a perfectly manicured 18 hole golf course is one of the best ways that some of weekend golfer stay in great shape after working all week inside. The open air, sunshine the lugging around a forty five or fifty pound golf bag in that 90 degree heat, no wonders they are in great shape. With all of the gear that you will need to play a round of golf, rangefinders, skycaddie, golf balls, clubs, sunglasses and if your course does not have a beverage cart making the round on the course you will need a cooler to keep for dehydrating. With that much golfing gear that you need to play if given a choice I think you will find that most of us weekend golfers prefer a cart to carrying our golf clubs and gear. That way we can concentrate on the reason we are out here to enjoy the game of golf with or fellow golfers.

There are pull golf carts or push golf carts that can be used if I did not persuade you into riding a cart and you are determined to walk. You can have all of the benefits of exercising and having access to the tools that you will need for a good round of golf.

Riding in a golf cart will let you carry all of the golfing gear needed and keep it organized. If you are in need of something it is quickly accessible. Concentrating on our game is all about rhythm and timing not worrying how I am going to get from point A to point B takes some of that pressure off so that you only have to wonder how in the *&%#@ did that little white ball go that far all the way over there. Riding in a cart helps keep the pace of the golf game from being five hours or even long. We all had long games out on the course riding instead of walking helps that part of the game. Keep pace will also keep the Course Ranger at bay now one want to see his cart coming over for a little chat.


There is not much shade on a golf course unless you are spending a lot of time in the woods looking for I hope your ball and not for everyone else. Have a canopy on your golf cart will help shield you from the hot and harmful rays from the sun. A normal round of golf is about four hours and twenty minutes at our course if you are out in the sun constantly you need to take precautions. If you did have to wait on a group to tee off or hit you can do so in the comfort of a golf cart and have a drink while you are waiting to keep you hydrated. No wants a five plus hour round of golf but if it does happen waiting on the seat of a golf cart helps that wait.

You may even own your own golf cart?

You may even own your own golf cart? I play two and sometime three rounds of golf a week our club allows person golf carts so to save cart fees that our club offers it made economic scent for me to purchase my own cart. That THRID round per week usually a vacation day or a day that my wife had to work over. Don’t you just hate it when work gets into the way of fun?

Now that you have purchased your golf cart

What type of accessories are you going to add to your Golf cart? The top three golf cart manufactures are E-Z GO, Club Car and Yamaha golf carts. They have accessories that will custom fit your brand of golf cart. There are also After Market Companies that can furnish you attachments to customize your cart. Some of the product that you can buy ranges from an Alabama decal (ROLL TIDE) to personal ball and club washer.

How much will it weight after I put the clubs in?

Empty golf bag
Empty golf bag

Who needs the extra strains and pains of carrying a heavy golf around on the course? Golf carts let you concentrate of what club you are going to use to make that great hit on the that little white ball to the middle of the green for a tap in putt.

Etiquette for Driving a Golf Cart


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