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Golf Swing Tips To Improve Your Game

Updated on March 26, 2013

Looking For Golf Swing Tips?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could try something different that would make your ball go further, straighter or be more accurate? I have put together a list of golf swing tips and ideas available that can help you improve all parts of your game.

You might be looking on ways to improve your swing. Maybe you need help with putting or maybe your drive slices to the left. Read through the tips and see if any of them help you improve your golf game.

Best Golf Swing Tips

Your game starts when you first drive the ball off the tee. Here are some tips that may improve your drive:

  • Always use the practice area before you tee up to warm up your swing.
  • You must grip the club tightly yet comfortably. The correct golf grip will allow the arms to hang in a relaxed natural way from the shoulder
  • Keep your chin up. A good posture will keep your body aligned correctly.
  • When stepping up to drive the ball, your body (shoulders, feet, hips and knees) should be parallel with the imaginary line that your ball is going to follow.
  • Bend slightly at the hips which directs the motion of the swing.
  • Turn your shoulders at a right angle to your spine until your back is towards the target .Shift your weight forward on the down swing to power the ball foward and your shoulders will end up facing the target. This is called the pivot.
  • To achieve maximum power in your swing your club should be at a right angle to your arms on both the back swing and the finish.
  • Don't complete your swing too quickly. Try a slight pause at the top of your back swing.
  • Keep your knees bent during the swing.
  • Stance should be balanced and have both feet on the ground.
  • Use golf training aids to help you improve your golf swing.
  • Practice in front of mirror to see what you are doing wrong in your swing.
  • Add one or two hybrid golf clubs to your golf bag.

Best Golf Swing Tips For Your Short Game

In between the tee and the green are a lot of obstacles that can get in your way. Here are some tips to help you overcome some of those obstacles:

  • Plan your shot before you make it.
  • When chipping, hit the ball before you hit the ground.
  • You need to shorten your backswing when chipping and pitching.
  • Ball position needs to be in the center of your stance.
  • Bend at the hips with arms hanging comfortably from the shoulders.
  • Choke down lower on the grip for chip shots.
  • Keep your head up so your body is more easily rotated.
  • Align the face of your club directly at the target.
  • Choosing the right club involves more than calculating the distance to the target. You should also be taking into consideration such things as the wind velocity and direction along with hazards on the course.
  • Play the safe shots when going for the green.

Best Golf Swing Tips For Putting

The green is where you can improve your game immensely but at the same time it is the most common place to lose your confidence. Here are some tips to help you to be a more consistently good putter:

  • Always visualize yourself making the putt.
  • Make sure your legs are in a wide enough stance to remain stable.
  • In a good putting stroke your shoulders hands and arms move together.
  • Keep your putting stroke with the same distance of swing in front of the ball as in after you hit it.
  • When reading the green, it is very important to look at the distance before the hole and after it so you can see any slopes in the green.
  • On a longer putt aim for an intermediate target such as a blade of grass and make sure your ball rolls directly over the intermediate target.
  • At the end of your putt, hold your finish. Doing this will improve the consistency of your putting and help you hold control your stance.
  • Take a few practice swings on your put before you actually hit the ball.


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    • GolfTipGuy profile image


      6 years ago from Colorado

      Great hub. I think it's important that you put putting and chipping tips in here! Most people just worry about their driver, and the quickest way to drop a LOT of strokes is to practice the short game.


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