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Goose Hunting Info

Updated on October 26, 2011

Goose Hunting

In numerous Western countries, fowl, duck, and goose hunting has been an age old tradition turned into a thrilling outdoor sport activity. Because most of the family of fowls and geese share the same habitat, they, too have similar hunting seasons and are being hunted by enthusiasts using the same hunting and wing shooting techniques. Your next goose hunting and wing shooting adventure now spans perfect hunting destinations in all across the fifty states! To assist you in your preparation for this shooting expedition, here are a number of hints to make the most out of your goose hunting experience and to ensure that you walk home not empty-handed.

A Closer Goose Hunting & Look at your Prey

First step in gearing up for your goose hunting trip is to establish a marksman mindset. Imagine the greatest fowl show in the world, then, witness each bird perform their best with their expert flying skills, and all that while you sit like a V.I.P. on the front row seat. At this point, you are having a birds eye view of one of the most graceful birds in the world yourself. Yes, the goose is a large bird that moves gracefully like a ballerina. Its huge size allows anyone to see it even from a far distance. Its wing span can vary from 3 to 6 feet, while it can weigh as much as 18 pounds. Normally, the flock of geese can be hunted in its feeding grounds, which include crop fields, swamps, ponds, rivers, lakes, and even ocean coastal areas. There are also more than 40 subpopulation of its species, making its features unique from one region or country to another. Now, you are almost all set up to be a goose hunter but don’t forget your hunting blind and goose hunting gear.

Before you go goose hunting, as a hunter, start with how you will dress yourself comfortably in a camouflaged outfit for hunting, then with all the necessary gear you think is useful for you to fully enjoy the goose hunting and wing shooting experience. There is a number of hunting gear and equipment you might need along the way and on the field itself so gear up with the following:

Basic Goose Hunters Outfit:

* Synthetic or mohair undergarment

* Synthetic or mohair socks

* Sweater

* Knee-high pair of waterproof boots

* Camouflage suit for concealment

* Waterproof camouflage hat

* Camouflage facemask for invisibility

* Waterproof camouflage gloves

Other Goose Hunting Gear:

* Hunting blind which you can build for yourself or purchase a ready-made one

* Backpack and stool who wants to stand and wait all day? Hunting backpacks that can also serve as stool are now available in hunting stores.

* Goose calls and decoy

* Handy pocket knife

* Binoculars

* Camera

* Shotgun

* Shells

Top 10 Goose Hunting and Wing Shooting Tips

You are now fully equipped to go hunting. But, here are top ten tips that you might or might not know as a hunter, hope the following shooting tips would help:

#1 Always wear hearing and eye protection. Keep your gun unloaded and the action visibly open until you’re ready to shoot and always point the muzzle down.

#2 Practice swinging and mounting an unloaded gun to your face. Mount the gun precisely from the same starting position and the same place on your face each time.

#3 Keep your stance relatively narrow for a smooth swing and a good follow-up shot.

#4 Keep your eyes sharply focused on the target, finish the gun mount, and shoot the target instantly.

#5 Point, don't aim. When pointing your gun, focus only on the target.

#6 Test your gun fit so it shoots where you look.

#7 When shooting simultaneously, decide ahead of time which target you will take.

#8 When you're experiencing a missing streak, take time to regroup and think about what might be going wrong and correct from there.

#9 Shotgun shells containing 7/8-1 oz shot are adequate for practice and it gives these shells high velocity, low recoil, and outstanding shooting pattern.

#10 Take a hunting/shooting lesson with someone that can help you out once your practice no longer improves your marksman ability, whether in goose hunting or wing shooting.

Off to your next goose hunting trip? Have fun and enjoy the great goose show!


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