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Great Gifts for Guys - Gifts for Fishermen

Updated on May 4, 2011

gift ideas for men

Searching for gifts for dad, gifts for husband, or gifts for boyfriend? Get him something he'd really like - not something you'd like for him to have. Face it girls - sometimes we buy gifts for guys with ouselves in mind. We want him to have that new designer shirt so he'll look nice when he takes us out. But is that what he really wants? From my experience over the years with numerous boyfriends, two husbands, three sons-in-law, and five grandsons, most of the time the answer is "No!" This Christmas or birthday, get gifts for him that he'd really love.

So what kind of gifts for him would be appropriate? Think about things he loves to do. Is he into sports or other outdoor activities? What about his hobbies? Related paraphernalia usually makes great gifts for dad, great gifts for husband, and great gifts for boyfriend. Just use your noggin. You'll come up with some gift ideas for men that will be well received!

And by the way, gifts for boyfriend don't have to be romantic. Most guys are practical and had rather receive something they'll actually use. Keep this in mind when you're thinking about gift ideas for men.

Gift ideas for men anglers

Shopping for a gift for someone who enjoys freshwater or saltwater fishing? Man, are you in luck! The gift ideas are practically endless, and they’re easy to find. They’re everywhere – at your local outdoor store, Walmart, Kmart, and at sporting goods stores. One of the best places to find the newest and most innovative gear, however, is online. You’ll also be able to do comparison shopping and easily find the best deal without leaving the comfort of your home. Men who enjoy fishing will love these gifts for guys!

As a fisherman…or, um…a fisherwoman…I would LOVE to get any of the following, even though they're traditionally thought of as gifts for guys!


Jonathan loves getting fishing gifts for guys!
Jonathan loves getting fishing gifts for guys!

Bait bucket/cooler/seat:

Yep, you read correctly. This item functions as a cooler, where you can keep bait, cold drinks, lunch, or your catch. It’s also a nice place to sit, with a padded seat on top. The handle makes it easy to carry to your favorite fishing spot. These make perfect gifts for guys who fish from shore or from a pier.

Soft tackle box:

A fisherman can never have too many tackle boxes! Why? Because we love our fishing stuff, and we need somewhere to stow it all! These bags are soft, lightweight, and durable. If your guy does both fresh water and saltwater fishing, he could easily use more than one tackle box. Hubby and I have several, and we use them all. That makes it easier to keep our tackle organized according to the type of fishing we'll be doing. These are great gifts for dad and great gifts for husband or boyfriend!

Folding fishing chair:

There have been times when I would have given my eye teeth for a fishing chair, especially when I was saltwater fishing from the beach. These fold up for easy carrying, and they have a special rod holder to leave your hands free while you’re waiting on the big one to bite. Many chairs also have a drink holder, and you can also get one with an umbrella. If your guy doesn't use a boat for his angling adventures, these are wonderful gift ideas for men.

Cast net:

If your angler likes to catch his own bait, cast nets are great gifts for him. Think he might already have one? Doesn’t matter. He’ll need a replacement net eventually. Cast nets don’t last very long – they get snagged and torn on underwater structure quite frequently. Also, many fishermen use different sizes of nets for different purposes, so having more than one is no problem! A cast net is a must for saltwater fishing.

Why cast nets make great gifts for guys!
Why cast nets make great gifts for guys!

Gift certificate:

A gift certificate to a great fishing store like Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s is a wonderful gift for a fisherman. He can spend an entire afternoon “lost in fish land.” We gave our son-in-law one last year, and he had a blast shopping at a large Bass Pro Shop one Sunday afternoon. Even if your guy doesn't fish, these are wonderful gift ideas for men. The stores carry a lot more than just fishing gear!


Yeah, he’s probably got a cooler, right? Believe me, he can use another one. There’s nothing like the clean smell of a brand new cooler. It smells a lot better than old fish. Be sure to get one with wheels and a long handle for pulling. This makes it a lot easier to drag on the shore and on the pier. Even if he has a boat, these could be useful gifts for him. He'll still need somewhere to ice down his bait, his catch, and most importantly, his beer!

Fishing sunglasses:

Get him a pair of those cool sunglasses – you know, the ones that help you see the fish in the water. Kinda gives a fisherman an extra edge over the finned opponents. I have a couple of pairs of these, and it's amazing how well they work. If he's into fishing, these are handy gifts for him.

Fishing shirt:

Have you seen the fishing shirts with the vented backs? They’re great. They come in a variety of colors, and you can even find one that depicts his favorite game fish. They’ll keep the angler cool as a cucumber! I got my husband two of these last Christmas, and he wears them all the time - not just when fishing. These make wonderful gifts for dad, gifts for husband, and gifts for boyfriend. Actually, I'm thinking of getting one for myself!

Gifts for husband. This is mine in one of his fishing shirts.
Gifts for husband. This is mine in one of his fishing shirts.


Huh? A headlight? Yep, the kind you wear on your head. These are perfect for nighttime fishing because it leaves your hands free to bait your hook or to take fish off the hook. Hubby uses his whenever we fish at night. After the sons-in-law joined us on a nighttime fishing outing, they all want one!

Fishing trip:

If you have the bucks and want to really, really, really make that special fisherman ultra-happy, purchase a freshwater or saltwater fishing trip for him. Get one to somewhere he’s never been before. If you can afford it (and you think he's worth it), these are super gifts for guys who love fishing!

Minnow trap:

A minnow trap is a great way to catch live bait without having to throw a cast net or drag a seine net. You just bait it, place it, and leave it. Come back in a few hours to get the minnows. These might seem like strange gift ideas for men, but if they fish, they'll love 'em!


Your fisherman might not be into reading novels or Shakespearean plays, but I guarantee you that he’ll read a book about fishing. If you can find one about his favorite species, or about the area he fishes, that’s even better. One about general fishing tips would work, too. If he cooks or grills, fish or seafood cookbooks would be good gift ideas for men.


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