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Great Golf Swing Tips

Updated on July 22, 2010

Helpful Golf Swing Tips

Want to improve your golf game?Even the pros are always finding ways to get better, and if you want to know how to become a better golfer there are a few golf swing tips that are really going to show a marked improvement in your game if you are able to follow them properly.There are five golf swing tips that have proven as being effective and which are sure to help your game.These are the golf swing tips that you really want to take seriously.

The first of these golf swing tips is to make sure that your stance is correct.You need to be standing in front of the ball with your feet shoulder width apart and your legs bent at the knees.One of the worst mistakes that you could make is having your legs straight because this is going to be taking the power out of your shot.Keeping your mind clear is going to be really important if you want to have the best golf game.

Another of the most helpful golf swing tips does not have to do with increasing speed of the golf swing but instead with learning how to hold the golf club properly.This helps in a few ways but the main point of it is to ensure that you are not going to get stuck on the back foot.Then for the best golf swing tips there is the tip of tilting your head to the right at address.This has a dramatic effect on the overall swing and is something that is so simple to do but which golfers often forget about.

Finally to end off the five best golf swing tips, there is the tip involving how to hit the ball when you are hitting into a wind.This is one of the most tricky situations when you are golfing, is when there is a high wind because it can be confusing trying to decide how to hit the ball and how fast.This way you can see how players like Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh play their game and you will be able to take note and get some great golf swing tips this way.By pausing at the top and counting to two or having another way to keep rhythm, you will ensure that you are not rushing and that you are giving yourself time on the golf swing.


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