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Gun Compare and Contrast

Updated on September 28, 2009

The use of firearms dates back to 1369 where in a “bill of William de Sleaford, Keeper of the Privy Wardrobe, mentioned eight guns that were fitted with helves after the fashion of pikes and were paid with 13 shillings” (Carman, 2004, p.90). People have used it for different kinds of activities including hunting, training, clay pigeon shooting, and in battles. As such, there are different types of firearms used like the handguns, the long guns, and the automatic weapons. Because there are too many of them to be discussed, only two will be compared and these will be taken from the category of long guns.

            “A rifle is a firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, which fires a single projectile through a barrel, which contains spiral grooves in its bore” (Chastain, n.d.). It uses bullets and has evolved from being a sharpshooter weapon to becoming a weapon used in hunting, target shooting, and combat. Its name comes from the “spiral grooves in its bore, which is called rifling” (Chastain, n.d.). Rifles have different types and nowadays, civilians prefer to use those that are fashioned out of the military designs.

            Shotguns, on the other hand, are a type of firearm “designed to be fired from the shoulder, which may fire a single projectile or multiple projectiles through a barrel which is usually smooth on the inside” (Chastain, n.d.). It is also known as a scattergun and the projectiles are known as “shots” for multiple ones and “slugs” for single projectiles. It was named as such due to its ability of “firing a shotshell that contains a shot” (Chastain, n.d.). Shotguns are usually used for small and fast-moving objects and are recommended only for short-ranged targets. It is used in sports, hunting, the military, and for self-defense.

            Guns do come in variety and its uses in many fields prevent it from being obsolete even though some people believe guns are too violent for humans. As such, people need to learn how to use guns appropriately and responsibly, taking the time to gain knowledge about guns first before even trying to buy one. 


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