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Gwinnett Big Bass Hot Spot Georgia

Updated on December 2, 2014

Ozora Lake - Tribble Mill Park Georgia

Here is a nice lake on the north side Gwinnett County Georgia It’s actually two lakes together, Ozora Lake and Chandler Lake. The two lakes are located within Tribble Mill Park. Both of these lakes are known locally for their very big large mouth bass. The minimum size to keep is 12”, and the maximum quantity is 5. Ozora Lake is the main lake at 109 acres, so it’s a pretty good size.

There are several things I really like about this lake outside of it being close by, and full of largemouth bass, and that is the scenery. Though it is a open park for families, you almost get the feel as though your out at a secluded mountain lake when your there. The other plus about this lake unlike other day use lakes, is that it’s open until 8:00pm at night. I like that because when I go bass fishing, I don’t like leaving until it’s dark.

If you have a wife and kids, this is a perfect spot to take the family for the day. There is a huge playground for the kids, you can cook out, The kids can do their thing while you get a full day of real bass fishing in. So load up the family and the jon boat, and enjoy a day out here.

There are plenty of pavilions around, grills for grillin yur catch, and a good deep boat ramp. No gas powered engines allowed as usual, but for me personally, I do enjoy days on some of the small lakes where it’s peaceful and quiet, without getting blown out of the water buy larger boats. There is something to be said about peacefully fishing a calm lake with other fishermen in their small jon boats.

Everyone out there tells me to fish near the bridge and the dam, and that top water chatter baits will get you big hits all the time, but the day I went out there, I just used a pink rubber worm, and fished from shore. I had a few good strong hits, but didn’t bring anything in that day, but I still enjoyed being there, and talking to some of the few fishermen that were out there.

Take I-285, Exit 39 B, the Stone Mountain Freeway (Hwy 78) East towards Snellville and Athens for 16.3 miles to SR 84 (begin watching for it after crossing Scenic Highway (SR 124) in downtown Snellville). Turn left and travel 5.6 miles to a 4-way stop at New Hope Road. Turn right and travel 0.5, making a right on Tribble Mill Parkway.

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Bass Fishing in Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide to Public Lakes, Reservoirs, and Rivers
Bass Fishing in Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide to Public Lakes, Reservoirs, and Rivers

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