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"Hail To the Victors!"....Forever!!

Updated on June 4, 2017

Orig Pub 11/30/2009

**Updates coming...........


Author's note : 4/5/16- Feel free to hold your breath as we all exuberantly prepare to revel in the glow of the latest of the Wolverine dynasties! (sorry Suckeyes- you OUT!). Welcome Home Coach Harbaugh! We've been waiting for you!

Hail To the Victors!...Forever!!!

I do not have a degree from the University of Michigan. I have never attended even 1 class at this fine institution. I had no family or friends who were ever affiliated with the college. I have no ties to U of M or their athletic program. I’ve never slipped on the Maize and Blue or the Winged Helmet. The University of Michigan has never done anything for me, nor I for them. My reasons for becoming a Wolverines fan while growing up were entirely superficial- they have the best helmets and the best fight song of ANY college in the world! It was a pretty nice bonus that they have the biggest stadium and the most victories by any school in the history of College Football. But, while those may be soft reasons for becoming a U of M fan, I’m certainly not you run-of-the-mill “Wal-Mart Wolverine.” Since I can first remember sports playing a major role in my life, The University of Michigan has been my team. Possibly the most devastating memory I have of my childhood is from 1994 when that As---le quarterback from Colorado threw the ball like 80 yards, in the air, to beat Michigan 27-26 on the last play and crush my National Championship aspirations. I was a Senior in High School- and it wouldn’t have been very cool to be too much of a fanatical sports fan- when the Wolverines had their Magical 1997 National Championship season, punctuated by Charles Woodson’s punt return against the hated Team from Ohio! To top it all off, my boy, Charles, won the Heisman Trophy!

So, every year, my very sense of well-being and my ability to counteract the feeling of impending gloom as another crappy Michigan Winter approaches, hinge greatly on the success of my Michigan Wolverines. I AM a Wolverine! So, now they’ve had their first 2 losing seasons since 1967. So now their run of 33 year consecutive bowl appearances ended. So their new coaching regime is being ostracized by both the national media and the stuffy old-time alumni: So What?! What am I supposed to do? Jump on the Florida or USC bandwagons? Never! Regardless of whether or not Texas passes them for all-time victories, if Rich Rodriguez fails to update their antiquated style of play, or even if they never return to national prominence- I AM a Wolverine! Regardless of where Life takes me or whichever college I ultimately attend, I AM a Michigan Man!! I will always bleed Maize and Blue! The University of Michigan Wolverines will ALWAYS be my team! So I say, “Hail To The Victors!”….Forever!!!



“Hail To the Victors”


“Hail to the Victors Valiant,

Hail to the conquering heroes.

Hail, Hail to Michigan

The Leaders and Best

Hail to the Victors Valient,

Hail to the conquering heroes.

Hail, Hail to Michigan

The Champions of the West.”

The University of Michigan football program is legendary for the rich and decorated Tradition and the proud history it boasts. But why? Every University has a Legacy and its own Traditions. What makes Michigan’s so special? Well, it certainly helps when the Program has been around for 127 years, has Won more games (877), has the best Winning Percentage ( .738%), 11 National Championships since 1901, the most winning (110) and undefeated seasons (25) in Division 1 NCAA Football history. When it has finished in the national top-10 a total of 37 times (since 1936), the most conference championships (42), and the largest Stadium in College Football history (record of 112,118). When they have supplied the NFL with current stars among the elite at their positions- Tom Brady, Charles Woodson, Jake Long, Steve Hutchinson, LaMarr Woodley, etc. The University of Michigan is not one of the most influential programs in NCAA Football- the University of Michigan DEFINES College Football!! No one has been so Good, for so Long, as the Wolverines. I admit, it's been ugly lately, and it has been hard for even me to be too enthusiastic about their recent struggles. So I’m not being an ignorant, arrogant Michigan fan when I say that The University of Michigan can celebrate a Tradition unparalleled by any other college! ((un)heartfelt apologies to Notre Dame). And to this, I say, “Hail To the Victors!”….Forever!!!


Program Records and Achievements (*statistics and facts gathered from

  • Highest all-time winning percentage in NCAA Division I-A football history (.738)
  • Most all-time wins in NCAA Division I-A football history (877)
  • The most winning seasons (110)
  • The most undefeated seasons in Division I-A football (25)
  • One of only three schools with a winning record against every Division I-A conference
  • The 1901 Michigan Wolverines football team is the only undefeated, untied, and unscored-upon football team to also win the Rose Bowl without being scored upon.
  • The largest crowd to ever attend an NCAA football game: 112,118 on November 22, 2003 at Michigan Stadium vs. OhioState
  • The longest streak in home game attendance of over 100,000 (222 games - November 8, 1975 vs. Purdue)

etc., etc., etc.......


**(I'll man up and admit- I was TOTALLY wrong!! The Richrod era brought soft, wimpy, undisciplined football the The University of Michigan and we are finally now recovering from his devastation...... ((damn Michigan sports! Why do we get Matt Millen AND Rich Rodriguez?!!))

Right now The University of Michigan is down, but NOT out. The rest of College Football is giddy about the “demise” of Michigan Football; but ya’ll better cherish it while it lasts, because the tides will be turning- SOON. I hope with all my heart that the impatient Michigan boosters will chill out and keep Rich Rodriguez around- they will be happy they did. He WILL turn this program from the 9-3, slow, boring, “compete in the Big Ten & get killed in every bowl game”- type of monotony the old regime had them stuck in. The way that college football was played up until now is changing entirely. Case in point: look at Florida’s current run on Titles. They run a spread offense with their quarterback as one of their leading rushers. Their passes are quick-hitters to lightning bug, Percy Harvin-type wideouts. Their Defense is stunningly fast; they make up for their lack of brute size and strength by administering devastating hits coming from all angles; and they cause a multitude of turnovers. Like it or not, this is the New Era of College Football. And RichRod is the Godfather of this style of ball. Other coaches are running variations of the Spread attack that he brainstormed- with success. But you can’t lecture the Teacher. If you don’t believe me, look at what he accomplished with a “second-tier” program like West Virginia…..West Virginia! If you can create a national power running on that national platform, with that Tradition, with that recruiting draw, and with that level of talent, then think of what he can do at Michigan- if we give him the chance!

I will be the first to admit that the ‘08 and ‘09 seasons have been a disaster. No doubt-Terrible. The 2009 collapse was really uncalled for and did appear to be a sign of weak leadership. Like many, I also expected far greater things by this point, and I won’t make excuses, but there are some legitimate reasons. If you want to point a finger it MUST first point straight as the “great” Lloyd Carr. Sure, “Thank you Lloyd, for that magical 1997 season,” but the dude bailed right when it was inevitably going to get ugly. After the 2007 season Michigan graduated the school’s all-time leading Passer (Henne) AND Rusher (Hart), not to mention their #1 receiver (Breaston). Rodriguez was left with ZERO starters on Offense and had the joy of choosing between 3 quarterbacks with a combined 1 pass attempt! (the eventual starter was a 6 foot-nothing, lead-footed Walk-On!) The 2008 recruiting class was already set, so the 2009 freshmen are the first actual Spread Offense oriented class, and they are showing promise already. However, this was the overall Roster breakdown this year: 15 Seniors, 26 Juniors, 29 Sophomores, and 39 Freshmen (or Redshirts). At the beginning of the year, they only had Senior starters at 3 Offensive and 2 Defensive positions. Their lack of experience could have played as much of a role in the apparent lack of leadership in 09 as the coaching. I have no real reason to be a loyal Rich Rodriguez supporter, but at least I’m trying to look at it objectively (unlike many others), and to be fair- he deserves a little more time for such a massive transition.

The Return of the "Victors!"

Even the Champ gets knocked down once in a while. But the reason he’s the champ is that he gets back up and starts bustin’ heads! The University of Michigan IS that Champ. I have no doubt that Michigan wins the Big Ten title, beats Ohio, and wins the Rose Bowl…Next Year- with Rich Rodriguez and his wide-open attack! And, unlike the rest of the Big Ten (um….Ohio), Michigan will be FUN to watch. I feel comfortable predicting that within 3 years Michigan will have won a National Championship and will have ushered in a new Era of College Football….the “Maize and Blue Era!”

The University of Michigan Wolverines basically put the sport of College Football on the map in the early 1900’s, and, Mark My Words: Michigan Football will re-invent the way the game is played in the 21st Century.

***And then I will lead the choir as we ALL sing,

“Hail To the Victors!”….Forever!!!

Desmond Howard- 1991 Heisman Trophy Winner

The Heisman Pose

Charles Woodson- 1997 Heisman Trophy Winner

Most amazing Interception ever!

National Award Winners- Players


**Heisman Trophy**

1940: Tom Harmon

1991: Desmond Howard

1997: Charles Woodson

Maxwell Award

1940: Tom Harmon

1991: Desmond Howard

Walter CampAward

1991: Desmond Howard

1997: Charles Woodson

Chuck Bednarik Award

1997: Charles Woodson

Dick Butkus Award

1991: Erick Anderson

Bronko Nagurski Trophy

1997: Charles Woodson

Fred Biletnikoff Award

2004: Braylon Edwards

Dave Rimington Trophy

2004: David Baas

Jim Thorpe Award

1997: Charles Woodson

Doak Walker Award

2003: Chris Perry

Lombardi Award

2006: LaMarr Woodley

Ted Hendricks Award

2006: LaMarr Woodley

Tom Brady


James Hall: St. Louis Rams

Mike Hart: Indianapolis Colts

David Harris: New York Jets

Chad Henne: Miami Dolphins

Drew Henson: free agent

Cato June: Houston Texans

Roy Manning: free agent

Mario Manningham: New York Giants

Grant Mason:free agent

Tim Massaquoi: Buffalo Bills

John Navarre: free agent

Shantee Orr: free agent

Tony Pape: free agent

Dave Pearson: free agent

Rueben Riley: Carolina Panthers

Jon Runyan: free agent

Aaron Shea: free agent

Adam Stenavich: Houston Texans

David Terrell: free agent

Amani Toomer: free agent

Morgan Trent: Cincinnati Bengals

Jerame Tuman: free agent

Gabe Watson: Arizona Cardinals

Maurice Williams: Jacksonville Jaguars

Pierre Woods: New England Patriots

Terrance Taylor: Indianapolis Colts

Michigan Alumni Currently in NFL


Tom Brady: New England Patriots

Charles Woodson: Green Bay Packers

Steve Hutchinson: Minnesota Vikings

Jake Long: Miami Dolphins

LaMarr Woodley: Pittsburgh Steelers

Braylon Edwards: New York Jets

Leon Hall: Cincinnati Bengals

Marlin Jackson: Indianapolis Colts

Ty Law: Denver Broncos


Jamar Adams: Seattle Seahawks

Adrian Arrington: New Orleans Saints

B.J. Askew: TampaBay Buccaneers

Jason Avant: Philadelphia Eagles

David Baas: San Francisco 49ers

Jeff Backus: Detroit Lions

Alan Branch: Arizona Cardinals

Steve Breaston: Arizona Cardinals

Prescott Burgess: Baltimore Ravens

CarsonButler: San Francisco 49ers

Mark Campbell: New Orleans Saints

Todd Collins: Washington Redskins

Shawn Crable: New England Patriots

Markus Curry: free agent

Kevin Dudley: free agent

Tyler Ecker: free agent

Jay Feely: New York Jets

Larry Foote: Detroit Lions

Ian Gold: free agent

Jonathan Goodwin: New Orleans Saints

Brian Griese: free agent

Gerald R. Ford- 38th President of The United States- and starting Center on Football Teams 1932-34

Coach Bo Schembechler- 1969-89

"Hail To the Victors!"... Forever!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the heated Michigan vs. Ohio State rivalry....... ah, nevermind, no one cares about Ohio State!


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