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Halibut Fishing in Alaska

Updated on April 28, 2012

Alaska halibut fishing is a unique and a once in lifetime experience. There is no where else in the world quite like the pristine halibut fishing grounds in Alaskan waters. Not only is halibut a thrilling and exciting catch for any fisherman, they are great tasting tablefare as well. Halibut has a delicate but firm texture and white meat and it is very delicious and mild in taste.

The sport fishing industry in Alaska has grown over the years and is very popular with vacation travellers. Many people who travel to Alaska will hire a charter boat captain or halibut fishing guide to do some Alaska Halibut Fishing while on vacation. There are many excellent halibut fishing charters in Alaska.

If you have always wanted to catch one of these magnificent fishes, then plan a trip or vacation to Alaska, hire a fising charter captain that specializes in halibut and have a great time fishing. You may find that you will question why it took you so long to give a try.

big alaska halibut fishing alaskan homer, ninilchik's finest charter!

Catching a huge halibut in Alaska can be a once in a lifetime event that is within your reach. These flatfish are in abundance in the Alaskan waters, but it will be important to find yourself an experienced fishing guide to help you land the big one. Give it a try at least once in your life time. Check out the fishing video below and learn more about how to setup and rig halibut fishing tackle and how to fillet out a large flatfish.

Halibut Fishing - Rigging and Fillet Tutorial

Commercial Fishing Halibut

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