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Hating the Miami Heat

Updated on October 24, 2010

Miami Heat Trio

The summer of 2010, NBA fans knew that Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade were all free agents. They were all looking for a new NBA team to play for. But nobody would image three great players in the league would end up playing together, in Miami. 

Dwayne Wade was not ready to leave Miami, although he was seen in Chicago (Wade is from Chicago) hinting that he had meetings with the Bulls but there were no offers made. However, the Bulls were very busy in the summer having signed Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver from Utah, they look to tough the team so they tried to capture both Lebron James and Chris Bosh. For Wade leaving Miami was not an option so he signed a new contract for the Miami Heat.  

Chris Bosh was busy looking for a team, but he could not decide which team to sign for. Bosh even used Twitter to let his fans decide what team he should play for next season. He was heavily linked with the Lakers. Teaming up with Kobe Bryant, Ron Artist and Pau Gasol, Bosh would fit into the Lakers roster for he is one of the best players playing inside the paint. At 6'11, Chris Bosh averages over 25 points and 10 rebounds a game every team in the NBA would love to add him in their roster. Unfortunately, the Miami Heat came up with the best offer for Bosh and now he will be a Heat player. 

Lebron James was a wanted man during the summer. He was wanted by the Knicks, Nets, and Chicago. These teams were desperate into signing Lebron James so the team will be title contenders. However, Lebron had other ideas when he announced to the whole world that he would play his basketball in Miami for the Heat next season. 

Three NBA All-Stars in one team, Miami Heat. The owners of Cleveland and Toronto had slammed their former employees stating that Bosh and Lebron were very focused for their teams during the regular season and had already quit and given up for they knew that they were going to be free agents in the summer. Even Hall of Famers like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson said that its ridiculous to see three superstars in one team. During the Jordan and Johnson era, both would even talk about playing together on the same team nor with Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, Hakeem, or Charles Barkley. No matter how close Jordan and Magic were, they never saw each other playing in the same team. We did see them in the Dream Team. They believe that to be the best you have to beat the very best and thats how you know you are the best.

Everyone questions how Bosh, Lebron and Wade will play together. Who will be take the big decisive shots? Who will lead the team? Kobe and Shaq played together and once Kobe could run the team by myself, Shaq left. Do you see that happening in the near future with the trio? The only main goal for the Miami Heat is to win NBA titles. Lebron and Bosh has not won an NBA ring but Dwayne Wade has an NBA ring in 2006. This was why Bosh and Lebron signed for the Heat just to win their first NBA title and Wade will lead them to become champions.  


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