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Heather Mitts soccer action photos

Updated on April 4, 2009

Heather Mitts soccer star


Heather Mitts is sexy and a great soccer player who has won the gold medal twice. Heather Mitts suffered a torn ligament that made her not competing for a spot on the women's national team for the World Cup in 2007. But Heather's hard work and perseverance did not go in vain. She won gold medal twice in two Olympics once in Athens and other in Beijing.

Female Soccer player

Heather Mitts
Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts soccer player

It was hard to digest, as a broken leg kept Heather Mitts from playing in the 2003 World Cup Soccer game. Coach Pia Sundhage and her teammates supported Heather very well that helped Mitts gain a spot on the team for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing eventually winning a gold medal for the second time. The first gold medal came in 2004 Olympics held in Athens.

Heather worked as college football sideline reporter for ESPN during the 2005 season. Sexy Heather Mitts has modeled for magazines like FHM and Sports Illustrated (swimsuit issue) and was voted "Sexiest Female Athlete" in 2004. She has a sexy body as shown in the bikini pictures of Heather Mitts with a tight set. Heather's best qualities are her individual defending and her speed and she is very fit and she prides herself on her fitness. Heather is very goal oriented - no pun intended and makes sure to attain a target whatever it takes. Heather Mitts is now engaged to Phily Quarterback A J Feely and is planning the wedding date to be Feb 2010.

Heather faced a lot of challenges in her life including the broken leg in 2003 but came back really strong with her hard work and perseverance. This just makes Heather mitts even more sexier than bikini pictures of Heather Mitts.

Heather Mitts in soccer action photos

Heather playing soccer
Heather playing soccer
football action
football action
Heather mitts cheered
Heather mitts cheered

Heather Mitts soccer Interview

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