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More on volunteering at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

Updated on October 22, 2011

Now where was I that's right yes I was outside the Regent Hotel and an entourage of car turned up again emblazoned with Olympic games authorisation signage. And guess who pops out of the middle vehicle. None other than Muhammad Ali. Yes that's right Muhammad Ali. The hero of my mid teens. The Boxer that took on the boxing world and won with his style grace and boxing talent and won. The legend that became the heavyweight champion of the world and then some. He was much taller and bigger than I had imagined. I Certainly would not like at all receiving even one punch from this the most legendary boxer of all time. I remember clearly the build up to the 19782 fight he had with Joe Frazier at Madison Square Gardens. The fight of the Century.

Australian swim star at the 2000 Olympic Games
Australian swim star at the 2000 Olympic Games | Source

Well as soon as the word spread all hell broke loose there were reporters, staff volunteers and all and sundry wanting to get a photo opportunity with the living legend himself. Mean while im stuck in stationary traffic and the blood pressure of Mr Igaya is rising as we speak. Unbeknown to me was that he was required at a medal presentation. To actually present the medals in about an hours time at the Baseball in Bankstown.

Of course as soon as I had Mr & Mrs Igaya on board I had to get the hell out of the CBD and hot foot it the best I could down the M$ to Bankstown about thirty to forty minutes away on a good day. As so It was I zoomed over ANZAC Bridge fortunately the Statesman had plenty of grunt I put it on cruise control and was travelling at the speed limit with seconds. We got to the Stadium just in time and Mr Igaya managed to present the medals without a hitch. Then it was back to the CBD for an emergency IOC meeting. Then it was on to a lunch over at Balmoral. The Beach House Restaurant overlooking Balmoral Beach and Sydney Harbour. This is Sydney at its best. The food at the Beach house is magnificent along with the service,views and everything else. Time to unwind from the rigours of watching sport.


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