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How to Tell if You Have a Concussion & What To Do!

Updated on August 18, 2013

You're not alone!

Millions of people are struggling with an injury that can't be seen, and millions of others don't believe them. If there were a way for someone without a concussion to experience the symptoms of a concussion or post concussion syndrome, they would never question the issue again (no - I'm not condoning any violence!). There are over 3 million a year with concussions just from sports in the US alone. Chances are, if you're reading this article, you or someone close to you might be one of the millions with a concussion caused by accidental falls, sports injuries, the military, car accidents, or other circumstances landing your head in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You are not alone. There are many things that can be done to help your noggin feel better. Don't let anyone tell you you should suck it up, not even yourself. Educate them, educate yourself. We'll start here, by looking at some of the most common ways to tell if you have a concussion.

How to Tell If You Have A Concussion

Here's what you need to look out for in yourself, your child, family member, friend, co-worker...anyone who's knocked their noggin.

  • A headache - pretty common after having a blow to your head. A small headache doesn't make it less of a chance that your brain has been impacted.
  • You may feel pressure or tightness in your head or face.
  • You make have blurry or double vision, and may feel dizzy or off-balance
  • Light and noise may be overwhelmingly extra loud and bright.
  • You're likely sluggish, tired, fuzzy, hazy - which might make you not even realize many of the other symptoms!
  • It may be hard to concentrate, and your memory might be different. You might be feeling confused, not only because it's a lot to take in, but because your brain's been injured.
  • Something may just not feel right.
  • You may be nauseous.
  • You may be irritable, frustrated easily, and have mood swings.

Poll: Concussion Symptoms

After you hit your head, how'd you handle your symptoms?

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What to Do - If You Have a Concussion

See a doctor right away to make sure you indeed have a concussion and that nothing else is wrong.

Know you have a concussion, sure that's the only thing going on, and need help feeling better? Read on.

Time to Simplify

Everything needs to be put on hold for your concussion to heal.
Everything needs to be put on hold for your concussion to heal.

Even If You Don't Want To...

  • Turn off your cell phones!
  • Turn off your computers!
  • No TV!
  • No video games!
  • No loud music
  • No bright lights

Basically turn into a cave-dweller for a while. Obviously at least some aspects of this may be kind of hard, but do it for your brain. The less stress, the better chances you have to get better faster.

Sleep It Off

You have a concussion and that means you need to rest! Mentally and Physically. Yes, this is likely different than your normal routine. But when you have a concussion, rest is necessary - so just simply rest. It's like a forced vacation you don't want to be on and likely don't feel good about. You might as well learn to enjoy it. If you're rested everything is easier. There's natural supplements that can help you take this essential step if you know you have a concussion.

Post Concussion Care

Meditate or Nature Sounds
Healthy Fats
8 Hours Per Night
Limit all Electronics
Fruits & Veggies
Dark & Quiet
Limit Social Time (& anything that is overwhelming)
No Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar
Supplements - Can Help You Sleep

It's Harder Than They Think

Having a concussion can be challenging when faced with having to do this day after day until you feel better. Even if people think you're just being lazy, know that you need to take these steps in order to help yourself feel better, and remember that some people just don't understand. You now know some of the basics of what you need to do to help your head.

Consider learning about some additional ways to support yourself after a concussion by looking at post concussion remedies. Reach out for support - since so many have concussions you are bound to find others who can relate, maybe an online forum. It can also be helpful to help let those around you know more details of what you're experiencing and what you've learned about concussions, because often times the person with a concussion looks fine and everyone around them expects them to act how they used to, or at least get better faster than they are. It is clear that these symptoms are felt by millions and millions worldwide, so the time has come for us to be clear about what is happening and take the steps to help ourselves recover and support those around us.

Have you struggled to get others to believe that you have a concussion or post concussion syndrome? Leave your answer in the comments below.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I fell Feb/2014 and here I am 6 months later still recovery. Some days are better than others. I'm a massage therapist and just started getting cranial sacral it feels good afterwords. I've done accupuncture which I trully believe helps balance you out but everything takes time. Sometimes I feel as though Ill never recover :(

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have a post concussion,and i have been on bed rest for about 10 months now. The pain and smptoms i feel in my head and body is heavy pressure when i go down to pick up something, feeling off balnce when im setting down then stand up, and blurred vision and brightness to my eyes and loud sounds when i go to work. Also feel this shaking in my head that seems like it will never go away. Just want concussion to be gone already.


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