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How to Practice Properly on the Golf Driving Range

Updated on April 17, 2013

When you lose your game, you have to take it to the driving range. Do not try to fix "it" on the course.

Do you have a case of the Yips? Are you suddenly hitting a huge slice? Okay, there are many theories about how to cure the slice. You can move the ball position. You can buy an offset club. You can step back a few inches with your back foot to promote a swing from the inside. The yips can be cured by keeping the rear foot grounded. I wrote a previous article concerning this.

However, if you really want to cure all the bad swings that you may encounter over the years, do the following:

Take your driver to the range and pick out a target 80 yards away. Hit 25 balls to that target. To do so, you will have to do two things; slow down the swing and take the club back shorter than you are accustomed to doing.

It isn't easy to do this if you are having problems. If your swing is sound, you probably can do this quite easily, but if you have the yips, it is very difficult. Continue to try this until you are actually hitting the ball about 80 yards. You will find yourself taking a very slow, very short back swing and swinging down and through with a nice soft tempo.

Now, take another 25 balls and pick out a target 100 yards away and follow the same procedure until it feels comfortable to you. You will start to feel very relaxed and your tempo will be smooth and controlled. Your arms should be rolling over each other after impact and finishing high with a pose at the finish.

Take another 25 balls and pick a target of 150 yards. You get the picture. After hitting a hundred or so balls in the manner described in increments of small yardage to further yardage, you will find yourself easily able to hit the ball over 200 yards without any effort at all.

Take this swing thought to the course and find a nice surprise waiting for you.


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