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Horrible Horizonte - Maracana Blow reloaded

Updated on August 6, 2014
The yellow tears
The yellow tears

* After Maracana blow Brazil again in terrible situation

* An ever record defeat of Brazil in its soccer history

* The second stain in Brazil soccer history

* The nightmare that may hunt till hosting the next FIFA world cup

The Nightmare in Horizonte

One of my friend suddenly woke up from sleep at 3.15 AM (Indian Standard Time). He switched on the TV as it was the last moment of the match between Brazil and Germany. Seeing the score he opened his eye widely. As he was in sleep till then he took his father's spectacle and read the score again.His eye is true. The score was 7 - 0 ! Everyone in the world who saw the semifinal match between Brazil and Germany in FIFA world cup 2014 at last minutes will have the same experience. BELO HORIZONTE stadium in Brazil will hunt Brazil team long after the Maracana blow.

At the start of the world cup 2014 at Brazil most of the soccer fans predicted Brazil as the champion team due to the following reasons.

1. They defeated the defending world cup and Euro cup champions Spain in Confederation Cup football championship.

2. Like Confederation Cup football championship Brazil was the host of FIFA world cup 2014 also.

3. Brazil has the world record of most world cup titles and the only team to participate in all world cup football championship so far.

4. The most dangerous striker in the soccer world Neymer was in Brazil squad.

5. Brazil was trained by Louis Philip Scolary , the most cunning coach in the present world.

But eclipsing the Maracanazo or Maracana blow from Uruguay in the world cup final match against Uruguay in 1950 the Horelanto match turned horrible. Within 29 minutes of the play Brazil humbled by Gemany scoring 5 goals against nil.

Women in tears
Women in tears

Can Brazil raise like a phoenix bird from this defeat in 10 years?

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Brazil Children
Brazil Children

Muller's blow and ....Oh !!!

The first goal of the match came in 11th minute through a half volley by Thomas Muller from a corner kick. That goal itself proved that Brazil defence is nothing as the ball correctly reached Muller's legs passing the whole squad of Brazil.Without giving any chance to defenders Muller finished which stunned the whole gallery. Gallery didn't expected such an early minute goal as they knows European team will hang on goals scored.

But Germany coach Jockim Leau understood that it is time to blow Brazil again and again to show that they are nothing. Just like he did to Criatiano Ronaldo's Portugal in their opening match in this world cup he encouraged players to score goals other than keeping the defence. It gave result as the only striker of German team Miroslav Klose scored a goal in 23rd minute and stepped to the world record of all time top scorer in FIFA world cup with 16 goals.

The way in which Klose scored goal made it clear that the defenders of Brazil are not in match today. Within six minutes Germany proved it. Brazil fans all over the world as well as the players and team coach could not believe the scene there after. Kroos scored twice and Sami Khadiere once without a gap ! Within 29 minutes Brazil's fate decided.Horelanto became a norrible dream for all Brazilians.

Brazilean tears
Brazilean tears
David Luis in  tears
David Luis in tears

The second stain

Defeat is not a new thing to Brazil. But defeat at home ground is something to Brazil. But this defeat reached another level of suffering. This was like a tsunami , a smash of goals to helpless team of eleven players and a coach. The hopeless faces of the players and the spectators in the gallery was the rarest scene in football ground. Even the greatest fan of Germany would have prayed at that moment more please. But the terrific Germans didn't hear that cry. The heart of soccer nation shredded at Horizonte. The face paints of Brazil fans mixed up in tears and it created a new stream of yellow colour at Horizonte.

An old man who is a Brazil fan was seen in gallery holding a replica of the World Cup trophy in his arms firmly. At last approving the truth it was lost to his country , he went to a German supporter and handed over to him which really shredded the hearts of all Brazil fans in the world.

"My message is for the Brazilian people and to Brazilian fans. Please forgive us for this negative mistake. I am sorry we weren't able to get to the final. This is a catastrophic, terrible loss, the worst loss. We have to deal with that." said Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, taking the blame for the embarrassing defeat.

David Luiz who were with the captain's arm band due to the suspension of actual captain Thiago Silva was weeping with red eyes after the match as he realised that the goals came due to his mistakes. He was given the roll of defender which he forgot to play and even reached the penalty box of Germany at some instances.Silva reached the ground after the match to relieve all players from this terrible shock.

Whatever be the explanation for this terrible defeat Horizonte will be the second stain in Brazil's soccer history. The first stain , the Maracana blow remained uncleaned which was the expectation of Brazil team and its fans.


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    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 3 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India is the only expectation that the Brazilians as well as their fans.Whenever they demolished they came back with trophy .

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I hope Brazil does make its presence known in the next world cup.