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Horse Racing Betting Tips For Beginners

Updated on July 10, 2010

Horse racing betting tips are dangerous – anyone who approaches you with an offer of a tip about a “guaranteed” winner should be avoided – why would he sell you a tip that will reduce the odds when he can make much more by betting himself?  However, there are a few tips which are not pure speculation and guess work which, if kept in mind, can help turn the odds in your favor – just keep in mind that in horse racing there is never a “sure thing.”  The first thing to look at is the horse – if a horse has not been raced for any period of time it may be because of injury or sickness and there is a chance that this horse is coming back just to check its condition rather than being a serious contender.  The condition of the race track is very important in the choice of horses – a slow track favors fast starters because  they will get an early lead and the other horses will not be able to catch up because of the track being slow.

 The experience of the jockey is very important because while a novice jockey may perform well in a short sprint, he may not know how to judge the race and pace his horse accordingly - that is why many rookie jockeys fade in the latter stages of a long race.  In an obstacle race the jockey’s experience is even more crucial because a horse refusing a jump or a jockey falling off means that the race is over  - there is no chance of the horse being able to recover.

 Watch the way the odds move – a sharp drop in the odds just before the start of a race usually signifies that someone with valid information on the horse waited till the last moment to place a big bet – if he had done this earlier the odds would have dropped further and affected his winnings.  Learn to balance the odds – if you look for big wins by betting on long odds (say 20:1) you will need to win one race in 20 just to break even; but with odds of 10:1 you need only win one in ten.  Short odds like 3:1 give you the greatest chance of winning but with the smallest profit.  You will find horses backed by online handicappers usually have short odds but here too greater chances of winning are coupled to smaller profits.

 The best horse racing betting tips are those that help you to bet safely with a minimum of risk.  As a punter gains in experience, he can start to use his own judgment based on his reading of the conditions and odds and so turn the long term odds in his favor.


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