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Fish On!!!

Updated on July 21, 2018
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I am the mom to two amazing young people. I am the wife of a Charter Captain, a preschool teacher, freelance writer and Artist.


Fishing Day

It's 0500 in the morning, my husband has finally decided to take me out fishing. I am in the bathroom getting ready for a day on the boat. I have my pretty little sundress on, almost finished with my make up and he walks in the bathroom.

He looks at me and starts laughing at me. I am thinking to myself it's 0500 in the morning the only thing he can be laughing at is toilet paper stuck to my shoe or my dress is tucked into my underwear. Nope that's not what he was laughing at, at all. He bursts out with are you going fishing like that?

My Response was Priceless

"You're going fishing like that?"

"Of course I am, it's not like I am getting dirty and besides I have to look good for the people don't I?" Apparently that was not the case at all. My dear husband and experienced fisherman just laughed at me till he cried.. He said "you will kill yourself on the boat in those heels and that dress won't be so pretty when you get home." I was appalled at his statement, I almost cried.

"Well, what am I supposed to wear then?" was my next question made through teary eyes. "Shirt and shorts, flip flops and hurry up" was his response. I simply threw on clothes and walked out the door, I wanted to fish, and he was in a hurry to get on the water. While I didn't understand his hurry I was soon going to find out.

What's the Hurry?

On the water finally, it's now 0630 and we are apparently an hour behind schedule and it's all my fault. My dear husband has had to put up with me holding him up and now he's in a rush to catch bait and still fish the tide for a good bite I guess that is what his rush is all about.

With the sun raising higher and higher in the sky the bait is becoming skiddish and more skeptical of a boat moving near them. He is struggling to catch bait and getting frustrated with the delay. After 45 minutes of this struggle he finally decided he had enough bait and we could fish.

While I am busy admiring the beautiful mangrove islands, the rising sun and chatting his ear off, he's being very patient with me and just letting me rattle on. Little did I know he was planning wearing my arms out with catching fish.

catching bait
catching bait | Source

Finally it's Time to Fish

Finally it's time for us to start fishing. The weather is beautiful, its not too hot or too cold. The sun is rising and the air is fresh. We are on the "flat" as my husband calls it and ready to bait our hooks and start fishing. My husband get's out a piece of bait puts it on his hook and starts fishing. I just look at him, and wait for him to help me.... I am waiting and waiting and waiting.

Just as he puts his second fish in the cooler, he looks over at me and says "aren't you going to fish?" I am thinking yes jerk off I am going to fish as soon as you bait my hook. I simply tell him I'll fish as soon as he puts bait on my hook. I hear a resounding laughter coming from the back of the boat. That's when I realized why he said my dress wouldn't be so pretty when I got done fishing. That fool expected me to bait my own hook.

The butthead that he is finally showed me how to bait my own hook. Poor little bait fish don't even know what's coming. Fish on Fish on, I am finally fishing and catching fish. This isn't so bad they don't fight much, and the bites were pretty steady. As we caught our limit of trout, it's time to move up to the mangroves and catch the elusive redfish. I am excited this is what this day was all about me catching the fight of the redfish.

Hooks are baited, lines are casted and now we wait and we wait some more. All of a sudden the drag is screaming and the line peeling off the reel. My husband grabs the rod and hands it to me and says "Here's your fish, hold on tight and reel, don't give him any slack.."

I boated my first ever redfish, the fight took about 6 minutes, I thought my poor arms were going to fall off. My first ever red fish was one that my husband said was the biggest his boat had ever seen. It was a whopping 42 inches long. It was huge, put up a fight and I was overwhelmed with excitement and ready to go home. That redfish whooped my but in 6 minutes.

This is not my actual fish, but this is a redfish also known as a red drum.
This is not my actual fish, but this is a redfish also known as a red drum. | Source


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