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How To Get Bigger Biceps in 5 Weeks

Updated on October 27, 2016

Get Bigger Biceps In 35 Days

Building Muscle On The Biceps and Triceps

The biceps and triceps are some of the most noticeable muscles on your body. Your triceps are the among the most visible muscles when your walking around in public. With that being said, its understandable to see why so many people are so concerned about working out their arms. But, many people tend to overtrain their arms by doing too many arm exercises that only overexert the muscles. Its important not to neglect the rest of your body when working out because it can lead to injury and believe it or not, it can also limit how much muscle you gain.

I once read an interesting article that was talking about the importance of training your legs too. The legs are among the most neglected muscles in the world of bodybuilding, and that's why I found the article to be so valuable. The article I read was talking about a study that was done on people that workout in different ways. One of the groups did leg exercises in addition to other muscles, and the other group would only workout their upper body. The results were very interesting to say the least. The group that incorporated lower body workouts showed naturally higher level of testosterone, which is important for building muscle. That group also had noticeably better muscle gains than the group that did not incorporate lower body exercises. Remember, the quad muscles are the biggest muscles in your body, which means they can have a dramatic effect on your muscle gains. Your upper body will not grow much bigger, if the legs don't grow with them. There is a well known term in the bodybuilding world called "the lightbulb effect" which started from people working out their upper body excessively and at the same time neglecting the lower body. The result is an unproportional body that resembles a light bulb. Wide on the top of the body near the shoulders, and the lower body is dramatically underdeveloped in comparison with the upper body muscles.

Building muscle on your arms works in the same way. Your muscles will develop more thoroughly when they develop together. If you were to focus on biceps more than triceps, you would notice minimal gains because those muscles develop together just like they work together when you lift a weight. If you only work out your biceps, your biceps will only develop to the extent of what your triceps can handle proportionally. The same goes for any other muscle. This is why professional trainers emphasize the importance of changing your workout routine every few weeks. It helps to keep your muscles guessing. When your muscles get accustomed to the same workout routine, they adjust to it. When you keep your muscles guessing, it will help to shock your muscles into growth.

A good example that demonstrates this is doing "preacher curls". Lets say you can comfortably curl 30 lbs per arm, but your goal is to be able to curl 40 lbs per arm. If you were to only workout your biceps and if you neglected your triceps. You would find that your bicep seems to have the strength to curl it, but your tricep just isn't strong enough to support that much weight. This is a prime example of why its important to workout your muscles in a variety of ways.

Increase Your Arm Size 1 inch in 35 days

If your looking for a workout routine that will help you get bigger biceps, and your looking for some nutritional guidelines that will help you build muscle fast. Read on.

High Protein Diet

In order to maximize muscle gains, its important to have a diet that is high in protein. Generally, its recommended that you get 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight in order to maximize muscle gains. But that doesn't mean that you should go to McDonalds and get a triple stack cheeseburger. Its very important that you get your protein from lean meats like fish, chicken, turkey or beans. One of my favorite post-workout snacks are lentil beans, particularly because they have more amino acids than any other bean. Beans are lean, and they are packed with protein.


When I was training 5 days a week, I used a few supplements like Creatine, nitric oxide, and a protein powder. I find that this combination of supplements is sufficient enough to ensure that you build muscle fast. Creatine helps you train harder and is great for increasing muscle size and increasing strength during your workouts. Nitric Oxide is also great for increasing muscle size, increasing pumps in the gym, and it increases vascularity. In fact nitric oxide is one of my favorite supplements as it naturally exists in the body, and taking it has a profound effect on your performance at the gym. I also recommend a good protein powder that you can take after a workout as it can really help you reach your daily protein goal.

Here Are My Favorite Supplements For Building Muscle

  • NaNO VAPOR by MuscleTech - NaNO is the best supplement I've ever tried.  Its a pre-workout supplement that gives you a huge pump before going to the gym without making you feel jittery.  It contains nitric oxide and creatine so it does a great job of turning 2 supplements into 1.
  • 100% Whey Protein - 100% Whey Protein is a great lean protein supplement.  With over 20 grams of protein per serving, it does the job.  It also very affordable and one of the best tasting protein powders I've ever tried.

Arm Workout Routines

As stated above, be sure to change up your workout routine every 2-3 weeks.  At the beginning of my workouts, I like to warm up by using the cable machine to do pull down tricep extensions.  After that, I switch it up and warm up my shoulders, chest and arms.  Then I will proceed to do the actual workout that works out my arms, back, shoulder, and chest.  I usually work these muscles out together, and I do legs another day of the week.  Here are some good strength training exercises that will help you build muscle on your arms and chest.

  • Bench Press
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Skullcrushers
  • Preacher curls
  • Shoulder Shrugs
  • Pull Ups
  • Cable resistance curls
  • Push ups
  • Farmers walk (great forearm workout)


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    • profile image

      KC 7 years ago

      how many tricep extensions do you recommend per workout session. I usually do 3 sets of 8 reps. If I did more would that be too much?

    • profile image

      Chad 7 years ago

      Very useful article. Thanks for the workout tips