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How To Apply A Cricket Bat Grip.

Updated on January 6, 2011

 A well cared for cricket bat will give the user many years of use. It might not necessarily give years of pleasure, that is down to the ability of the cricketer. To care for you bat you will need to ensure you keep it clean and regularly oil it. You will also need to store it in the right conditions.

Through the season, it will be enought to store your cricket bat in your bag, in a bat sock or bat bag. These are relatively, cheap and will ensure your bat doesn't get dented by anything other than a cricket ball.

If your bat gets used often, you may need to change your grip. Most club players feel the need to update their bat grip at the start of the Winter net programme but, how do change a grip?

There a few ways of applying a new grip:-

  1. Use a grip applicator.
  2. Use a bat cone.
  3. Use 'The Squid'

The grip applicator is by far the easiest way to apply a new grip. The video above gives a great example of how to change your grip in just 2 minutes.

This tool works on all grips and is priced around £15.

  • First, you need to insert the grip, into the applicator.
  • Attach the grip at either end of the applicator to form a seal. The grip should overlap by around 12mm or 1/2 an inch.
  • Then pump the applicator to remove any air and create a vacuum.
  • Insert the bat handle and release the bottom end of the grip. the grip should sit tightly to the top of the blade.
  • Then release the top part of the grip. It should sit flush with the top of the handle, if not, give it a few taps with the palm of your hand.
  • Finally apply some electrical tape to attach the grip to the top of the bat.

It is that simple. Far easier than the old traditional batting grip cone and easier to buy than 'The Squid', which is popular in Australia. 

Another advantage, if you needed one is, some players like to have a thicker grip, so apply two grips to the bat. With the vacuum grip applicator it is as easy to apply two as it is to apply one. The same effort for both, that cannot be said for the cone applicator. I remember the problems aligning the bottom of the grip with the top of the blade and the many grips ruined in the process.

I have one and it is the best £15 i have ever spent on a cricket related gadget.


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