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How To Be A Good Football Player : Basics

Updated on April 11, 2011

My Third Hub


When I was thinking about my third hub, the topic that blinked in my mind is Football/Soccer. The game that I have been playing for over 6 years. The game I know, The game I love, the game that keeps me fit all over the week. I started playing Football when I was at the age 13, its about 6 years now. In this hub I am trying to say about the basics for a Football Player that I have learned from my gaming experience. And please note that, this is not for becoming a pro footballer.

Learning/Playing football well will not work through reading hubs and seeing tutorial videos. Its needs practice and devotion. Practice, practice and again practice. This is the key of Becoming a Good Footballer. But, here are some basic techniques of football and what are needed to be a good football player. So check out this and kindly give your feed back.



The 4S

To be a Good Football player, you have to developed 4S. Strength, Stamina, Speed and Sense. Thes four factors will make you a tremendous player. If you have the co-ordination of these 4, you can show a good perfomance throughout the game.


Strength is a necessary fact for a footballer, when you are playing defence, forward or midfield. The main use with strength is to keep your possession. When a defender will approach you, you will need to use your strength and dribbling skills against him to go ahead. This will be very help ful when your oppenent fouls you and you can go forward without falling of or losing the ball. And you can also use your strength to gain possession when the opposite player rushes in to the goal. Using your strength is not fouling your opponent. Fairplay is always good.( But sometimes you'll be forced to do fouls. eg: a player in your opponent team again and again fouls you. Then you can proceed. This is what I do.) So don't foul, try to avoid fouls from you and against you. As i said earlier, Fairplay is always good. Your strength can be developed by proper exercises.(Read Hubs based on this Topic)


There is no need of explaining the importance of stamina while playing football. You have to be fit to play the game without fatigue. If you are not fit and breathe like a cheetah without lunch, you will get dissappointed and can't complete the rest of game. So try to increase your stamina. Stamina can be increased by Jogging, Running, Swimming or you can play football daily. These all will help to increase your stamina and will make you play through out the game.


The running speed is very important in football. When you are going with the ball, you have to defeat the defender with your speed and control over the ball. Speed will help in counter attacks, speed is the key element of the goals by counter attacking. You got the ball when you are standing alone and no one is in front of you, but a defender is coming and chasing you. You have to go ahead without losing the ball, here's the necessity of speed. You can beat him and even score a goal with good placing. And if you want to play as a defender you also need speed, but to defend counter attacks. When a striker is running, you have to catch him with your sprinting speed and strength. And thus you can save your team from conceding a goal, and you'll be the Hero of the Match. I think speed can be developed through running.


Sense, it also plays a good role in football. As you all know, football is the game of team work. A team can't win by the play of an indvidual player alone, it needs the hard work of all the 11 players in the team. Here sense means you have to know the positions of all the teammates in the ground, where they will be in next seconds, what will happen next etc..... And you also want to find a good pair to play along with you. If you are playing as a forward, find the winger of that side and plan your game with him. Say him what will you do when the ball is with you, what he have to do when he keeps the ball and so on...... And this not means that you have to play with him alone, you can also plan with all your team mates. Dribbling also needs sense to fool others. Sense can only developed on the ground when playing football. You will noticed that the pro players will play well for their clubs and the can't play that much for their nations, this is because they can't find a good pair in the team as they played with their co-players in the club. They didn't get enough time to play for their nation and have not much relation with the players in the national team.(best eg: Messi and Iniesta can play well for Barca, But kaka' and Ronaldo can't play that much coz they are new to play together.)

These are the basic factors that a player needs the most when playing football. If you have these for things you are almost 50% done. Beyond the 4S there are also some other that a player need to show who he is.

Ball Control

Control over the ball is also an important thing. There's no need of describing what's its use. If you have a better control over the ball, it'll reflect the overall perfomance in the game. If you have a better ball control, the better the game will be. These skill can be developed by sprinting with ball, or dribbling with your teammates etc....


Passing is an unavoidable thing for a player and the team, if they want to win. Forget your thirst to score goals and be friendly to your co-players. I think the modern style of football is the Euro Style, that supports One-Touch-Pass game. If you got the ball, go ahead with it as much as possible, but pass it when a defender comes to you before the you loses the ball. And don't play with the ball lonely, try to find your team mates who are free then. As I said earlier, football is the game hard work and team spirit. So be friendly, give passes and ask for balls when you are free.

Keep Your Position

This is the common mistakes made by non-pro-footballers when theyo are playing, they'll forget their position and even Centre Back will play as the Striker. This is very dangerous, the hole made by you will not be filled by others. You have to keep your position and play when the ball reaches you. If you are a defender, wait for your opportunity and clear it out when a ball comes to you. Or if you are a striker, please don't stick to your own position, help the defenders to clear the balls out. This will be very helpful to defenders and you'll be appreciated for this. So keeping your position is very important.

The Last, Team Spirit.

Football is a team game, all the 11 players have to work hard to gain the win. For this, all the team mates should be in a good relation. Build up a good bond relation amongst your teammates. And don't quarrel with them for any reason. May be they'll score an own goal by hand mistake, instead of being angry, say him that "its alright".

This will definitely reflect in overall perfomance of your team. Encourage your team mates and appreciate when they are playing well. Be a pillar to lean on when there's a problem. Always think that you are only one part of 11 players, but think you can turn the things around.

Hope this hub helped you, i know this is not complete. Give me your suggestions and i will try to correct my mistakes. Comment. Rate. Subscribe.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Pretty good advice . I am already a good dribbler and passer but I can't take possesion that good. Do you have any tips?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is thee best

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice work done.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      nice one... it really read it and it helped me.....pls am a footballer, how can i get someone to help me....i will like to play abroad...pls....can i get an agent?

      my mail is:

    • Info Bucket profile imageAUTHOR

      Info Bucket 

      7 years ago from Kerala, India

      Thanx all of you, for reading my hub and leaving comments!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      im here in the westside!! and da i lie the info thank u!!

    • eshaw profile image


      8 years ago from Huntsville

      nice i did one on futbal as a world sport

    • B Stucki profile image

      B Stucki 

      8 years ago

      Athletics are great and breaking down things into simple basics is even better! Thanks for the hub!

    • prasetio30 profile image


      8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Great information and this is the best time you choose the right topic. World Cup 2010 is the hot issue and I hope we can learn from this hub. Good work, my friend.



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