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How to Be a Pro-Wrestling Fan in 2018

Updated on September 10, 2018
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earveazy here. Wrestling lover and Anime enthusiast. I spread my ideas, love, and content all over the net. Find me.

It's a New Day, yes it is!!
It's a New Day, yes it is!! | Source

Wrestling Made Easy

Do you like Star Wars? How about Harry Potter? Do you wish there were more characters and plot lines? As a pro-wrestling fan, you get to follow an infinite amount of storylines with your favorite characters year round. I know people like to yell that wrestling is fake and the animosity and competition isn’t real, but don’t let that deter you from the shear athleticism and storytelling it has to offer. It doesn’t stop you from watching Bond or comic book movies, does it?

If I’ve kept you this long I’d like to say thank you for keeping an open mind. If you’d like to add or argue with anything I am about to state, feel free to engage me in the comment section. I’ve compiled a short list of ways to get the most out of your pro-wrestling experience. Check it out.

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Take the Plunge


The very first step to becoming a pro-wrestling fan at any level is to see it. Your best chance at seeing a true representation of what the world of wrestling has to offer happens on Monday night. For my friends in the United States, you can watch WWE Monday Night Raw every week live on the USA Network. If you live outside of the states, I’d advise you to check your local listings for dates and times. If you’re on the go or want to keep your viewing a bit more private, there are options for your mobile devices. Netflix has a series called Glow, as well as in-ring action from the promotion Lucha Underground. There are a few WWE titles sprinkled in but as Netflix subscribers are aware, they tend to add and remove content quite frequently so all of what I’m saying is subject to change based on the time you read this. Hulu has quite a deal with WWE, broadcasting many of their shows days after they air on television. Monday Night Raw is typically three hours long however the WWE sends them an abbreviated version that cuts the time in half. It’s like watching a movie with a few commercials. If you’re more of a historian, the WWE has it’s own subscription service called the WWE Network. The first month is free and after that you pay about $11 a month for unlimited access to just about all of their content ever. It’s a truly amazing tool that I use quite frequently. If the style and nuance of WWE isn’t your cup of tea, promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring Of Honor, though on a smaller scale, have fairly similar viewing options with high quality content. I’ve already mentioned the WWE Network. Aside from using that online it can also be accessed via the WWE app. Another great app with wrestling content is the FITE app. Whether app or website, TV or desktop, wrestling has never been more accessible. Find the medium that’s right for you and enjoy.

Get Social

We live in the age of the internet. This becomes more and more evident with every new piece of technology that appears. Remember the remark I made about wanting more of your favorite characters? What if Spiderman took to Twitter between movies, or Han Solo created a poll to help him decide how to attack a situation? In the pro-wrestling universe, we have just that! You can watch a show on Tuesday and use social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see what a character is up to leading to a big match. You can also follow the promotions to find out where they will be going next, see highlights and key points in recent episodes, and get discounts on ticket packages and merchandise. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on.



WWE sits atop the mountain of professional wrestling. They are the biggest name in the game and have left their mark globally. That’s not to say they are alone or even the best at pro-wrestling. Just as you should find the right way to watch wrestling, you need to find the right wrestling to watch. The WWE is notorious for borrowing a chunk of its talent from lesser known promotions. They are the Hollywood to the independent scene’s local Broadway theater. WWE is big time. Making it to their main roster means notoriety, merchandising deals, and a huge pay day. Not everyone has those aspirations. Working for such a big company comes with several downfalls. You have to watch what you say, how you dress, your political views, and your name and image is essentially tied to the company. On the independent scene, you have more freedom in all of these departments. That creates an environment that encourages thinking outside the box and trying new things. Promoters create and use gimmick matches and styles to bring in an audience. As the audience it’s our job to let these promotions know if we like why they’re doing or not. Whether you like carnage and weapons, inter-gender matches, an all female cast, or diverse storytelling, there’s wrestling in this world for you. Use your resources and dig in.

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Watching wrestling on television has its ups and downs. Commercials tend to stall things and sometimes bad camera angles make you miss something important. Some smaller promotions don’t have TV deals and it’s extremely hard or almost impossible to find full matches online. I would highly suggest that you buy a ticket and go see a show. From my personal experience it’s been the best way to watch and truly appreciate the effort of these athletes. There are so many talented people in this world and going to a show where people are paid to do flips and dives and give motivational and inspirational speeches is a winning situation. For the best wrestling experience, much like other things in life, it costs money. Ticket prices can be surprisingly low and the subscription apps are well worth the price of admission. You get what you pay for in the wrestling universe so you should invest.

Mark It! (Buying In)


Buy into it the same way you bought into cartoons as a kid or that timeshare you never use as an adult. It’s a fantasy world where sometimes things don’t make sense but you always get your money’s worth. Block out anyone who dares shun you. For the most part, wrestling has been around this long because at its core it’s a never-ending story of good versus evil. Learn about Heels and Babyfaces and cheer your favorite character on for whatever reason you want. It’s your life and you get to determine how to spend it.

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